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I just had my first shave with a Feather blade. I can't believe how much easier the shave was. Usually I encounter some resistance when shaving against the grain, especially under my chin. This time it was like I was shaving against nothing, very smooth. I know this was just my first shave with this blade and I will need to see how the longevity is and how the feather performs in other razors but, I might be a new Feather blade convert.
Ah, another convert! It just doesn't get any better than a Feather. IMO YMMV, FWIW, and all the other letters of the alphabet!
I agree the Feather's are the sharpest blade out there and continually give me the best shaves. One thing about the Feathers though, once you feel even the slightest tugging of the blade, change it immediately. If you don't your face will feel the wrath of the Feather. I usually change my blade every 5 or so shaves. I only use two passes though. If you are using 3 or more passes, I wouldn't suggest going more than 5 passes though. But, as always YMMV.


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I can squeeze out five or six shaves from a Feather, but I never chance it. It's always four and out for me. When they start to go, they go quickly.
I love Feather's too. The first time I used a Feather was a revelation. A good Feather blade will always be my favourite, however, I have found them to be rather inconsistent; and a rough Feather will make you sorry you were born.
Love the feathers. I could go 10 shaves with them but usually change every Sunday. It feels like you don't even have a blade in the razor because there is absolutely no resistance. I only need 1 pass but I usually go over my chin area twice. I really don't need to go against the grain because using a feather blade it's very close just going N-S.
I love Feather blades when they are on, but every once in a while I get a bad blade. I guess its worth the trade off.
Cheers, DJ.
Y'all are making me want to get my pack of Feathers out of the drawer and give 'em another spin.:tongue:
This is why, in my specific recommendations for the beginner, I suggested that he begin with Feathers. He has to start with something, and Feathers are definitely worth trying.
Feathers are my favorite blades. I try and keep packs of Merkurs around, but they are rarely used in my bathroom. Cottonblossomcrafts.com is still offering the 100 Feather blades for $25 deal. Might be time to go shopping!
Hi gentlemen,

maybe the Feather is one of the best blades, but NOT FOR ME.
Everytime when I used this blade, my face looks like a slaughtered pig, bloody and horrible irritations.
I've only used this blade in a Merkur Classic LH, with no pressure and complete preparation.

For me, the best blade is a Merkur, which I throw away after 3-4 shaves.

Please note, that this is my opinion...

I broke out a Feather for this morning's shave, after reading this thread the other day.

Even though my shave was more hurried than I'd like normally--see thread "Shave. . .Interrupted"--the Feather just tore me up. And I used a hot towel and Proraos pre/post in my prep, and went slowly and devoted 100% concentration to the shave.

I just don't think the Feather is for me.
I'm torn on the feathers; for whatever reason, they seem inconsistent, or maybe my beard is just thick/wiry enough that they go south faster than other blades. They drag/catch more than other blades, particularly after the first day. I love the first-day feather shave, but if they can't last more than one, I just can't afford to use 'em.

Derby, for me, seems to be the overall winner--good close shave and I can get a good 5 days at least out of them.


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Feathers are my favorite blades, with the exception of Derbys, EuroGillettes, and Israeli Personnas, which are also my favorite blades.
TomH said:
Everytime when I used this blade, my face looks like a slaughtered pig, bloody and horrible irritations.
I've only used this blade in a Merkur Classic LH, with no pressure and complete preparation.

For me, the best blade is a Merkur, which I throw away after 3-4 shaves.

I had the same experience with Feathers in the Merkur Classic LH. Like you, I used Merkur blades in it just fine, but Feathers tore my flesh apart. The SWMBO uses that razor now, so its not a problem anymore!
Well, genters, I had used Feathers almost exclusively for a few months, but I almost always had a little irritation here and there, despite no pressure. Also, the margin of error seemed very small, but I persisted, as I thought they were the best in all the land.

Hmmmm.........now, let us see. I believe it was the incorrigible KC_Dave, my good friend, pal and fellow, that alerted me to Derby blades, which I'd seen on here, but never paid much attention to. Until now!

For ME, my face prefers the Derbs over Feathers. They are NOT as sharp, but the ARE very smooth, providing an effortless shave, but with a wider margin of error when compared to the Feathers.


It is times........
I too just tried a feather and agree WOW. So much better for me the a Merkur. Will be trying a whole bunch of blades in the HD as I just ordered the sampler and its on the way--thanks John. There will be some more Feathers in it which is good but also look forward to the others.

In any case, why every do so many seem to scare the hell outta me over Feathers is unclear. I have myself typed and crossed for 6 units of packed red blood cells in anticipation of massive hemorrhage and all I got was an ultracomfortable, close, shave.

Gotta say however YMMV and shave #2 while clearly better than with a Merkur seemed less smooth than shave 1 (but only minimally so)--time will tell.

I added 10 feather blades to my last order of stuff... I seem to have 'tough' skin since I've manage to not cut myself a single time during my young DE career so maybe the feather will be perfect for me.
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