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Wow, just had my first straight razor shave.I'm hooked.

My Dovo 6/8 BQ, arrived yesterday. I don't want to take up too much time, all I have to say is wow. I've been DE shaving for the last year, and prior to that shaving with the 3 blade Gillette contraption. I took the plunge. I was a little nervous on my first stropping, but I took my time. This is the same with the shave. At first I was holding the razor the whole time with my right hand, this seemed awkward. I switched hands to match the side of the face I was shaving, this helped alot. I earned two small nicks which can be expected on my first shave, due to blade angle, I adjusted quickly. Overall, this was a great shave. I have more to learn, but I'm happy with my first straight shave, a DFS at that. Thanks for all the great information on this forum, all the shave journals that I've read, and the general willingness to provide the new guy with insight and inspiration.

That's awesome!! I'm always glad to read about new guys having success right off the bat....good stuff!!! Keep it up!!

Now you'll have a fun time fighting off RAD!! :biggrin1:
Good to hear and congrats! Keep up the good work! Don't get too complacent though...that's when bad things can happen.
You used Tabac, what could go wrong? Congrats! Don't forget to stretch your skin when you use that really nice new razor of yours.
I had my razor professionally honed. All I did was strop and shave. All day long I've been stroking my neck because the shave was so smooth. I know I have more learning ahead of me, but this first shave experience will keep me interested in perfecting my technique. I know I need to improve my stropping and overall shave technique, but man the shave was smooth. Not like a fresh DE smooth, but something different. I've read that a straight is not as sharp as a factory DE, is this why the shave seemed more smooth? Or is it because the blade is longer and dissipates or spreads the pressure of the blade across the face more so than a DE? I don't know just wondering why it seemed smoother. Oh well, it does, that's all I need to know.
I got a straight a couple weeks ago and am about to give up.

It took me over a year to start getting good shaves. Giving up after 2 weeks is not giving it a chance.

First of all, is the edge sharp along the entire length of the blade? Try passing the razor over your forearm without touching the skin, at a height of about 1/4" above the skin. It should at least catch and pop a hair or two. If no joy try 1/8". If still no joy your razor isnt sharp and even if your technique is spot on, your shave will be pretty bad. So tell us just how well your razor treetops arm hair and we will work from there. If you got a good shave ready razor we can have you shaving in no time.
Was is shave ready? Most likely it was technique related but don't discount the razor being part of the problem

I am betting it is both, like it was with most of us in the beginning. But I figure it is best to sort out the razor first and make sure it will do the job before starting in on technique, yeah.
Congrats on the transition. I've been thoroughly enjoying my transition to straights as well. I can't believe I didn't do it sooner.
Was is shave ready? Most likely it was technique related but don't discount the razor being part of the problem

This is definitely true. I tried shaving with a straight that was honed by someone who claimed to be a professional and the results were very disappointing.
Several months ago I received a PIF from Obiwan of a Gold Dollar that he honed himself. On my first try, I was able to get a socially acceptable shave (except for two small patches on either side of my jaw).
Today, I broke it out again, gave it a gentle stopping (after watching Geo's stropping video), and tried again. This time, SAS over 99% of my face.
For me, straights will probably remain an occasional diversion, but getting a razor I could trust that was honed by someone who knows what he is doing made a huge difference.
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