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Worst of Brand

Despite the fact that we have love certain brands and swear by them, those brands with different varieties of the same thing might have one particular variety that just rub you the wrong way. I.E. You like Trumper's line of creams but you're not a fan of the Violet. For me, I'd have to say that while I enjoy the Taylor line, their Lemon-Lime just doesn't do it for me. Does anyone else have their own "worst of brand"?

I'm pretty easy to please. I have a lot of scents I just don't care for, but very few I'd say I dislike or would call the "worst". I think "worst" is extremely personal.

If I had to name some, I'd say Taylor's Lavender, Trumper's Sandalwood, C&E Nomad, QED Tea Tree/Peppermint/Patchouli...
There have been items that I have not enjoyed; for example C&E Nomad soap & cream (I love the other C&E stuff I've used, but cannot deal with the Nomad scent). However, I do not think that there are any brands that I dspise...well, that is to say no producers of "classic" (or pseudo-classic) products... I guess that you could say that I am not a fan of some of the brands that produce new-style products.
From what I have tried:

Did not like QED Bay Rum at all! Of course, maybe I just don't like bay rum? I'll have to sniff some others first.

Love all the other QED scents that I have.


rtaylor61 said:
Anything in Sandalwood. I've tried, but I'm just not a fan. But I do like Coate's Sandalwood. Go figure!


The only sandalwood products I have been able to stomach are the Trumpers Sandalwood Soap (cream, no) and Taylors Sandalwood Aftershave Gel

Yeah, I had mixed feelings about Taylor's Lavendar. It smells fantastic, and I can't get enough of that scent...but it needs serious upgrading in the lubrication dept.

Maybe I'm just spoiled on Proraso, but I end up with noticably more irritation after a straight shave with Taylor's.

...who knows, maybe this is a good cream for DE users.
Ah, the worst of brand.. That would have to be Woods of Windsor shaving soap.. Great cologne, after shave, etc..Even the shaving mug is interesting, but the soap? The puck from hell!:devil:
hello shane,

locitaine cade shave soap

smells nice
lathers nice
shave sucks

(who at this moment is putting on his flame-retardant asbestos underwear)
Agreed, L'occitane!
But which of these would be the worst of brand?

-Cade soap
-Cade cream
-cade balm (inflames my skin :mad: )
I can't stand Taylor's Mr Taylor. It's the only one of their creams I really object to, it's purely the scent, it shaves ok.
hello frederik,

wow, someone else agrees with me that the locitaine cade shave soap sucks. i thought i was the only one. welcome to the club.


Stauff said:
Agreed, L'occitane!
But which of these would be the worst of brand?

-Cade soap
-Cade cream
-cade balm (inflames my skin :mad: )
I once for a second felt bad for not liking L'occitane Cade too.
Rose scents I'm not too keen on either.

I agree with Ron. The absolute worst I have tried is the Woods of Windsor shave soap. I do like the WoW scent and I use their cologne, shampoo and shower gel.

But the shave soap.... It didn't even perform as a body soap in the shower, where I gave it a chance for redemption. I finally just threw it away.

Plano TX
Alright. I'll jump in: ClassicShaving unscented shaving soap. If you love drawing blood - this is the soap for you. I emphasize unscented because I tried their "Gold" hypoallergenic stuff and it was very good; I had good moisture effects and cushioning- go figure.
Here's my hall of shame:

Salter's Rose! Blech!
Taylor's Lavender soap, not a good smell, not a good feeling.
Acqua di Parma shaving cream. I love everything else they make, but the more I use this cream, the more drying, stinging, and uncomfortable I find it.
catatonic said:
Yeah, I had mixed feelings about Taylor's Lavendar....but it needs serious upgrading in the lubrication dept....I end up with noticably more irritation after a straight shave with Taylor's.

I had missed this, I TOTALLY agree. Two uncomfortable straight shaves and I demoted the soap to the shower. I took a shower with it and it dried my whole body out! So I gave it to the wife. She thinks it's great stuff....
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