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Woot! Synack's First Real Straight Shave!

Success! Just completed my first real straight shave! Using the Torrey I previously mentioned in another thread. Took my time, definitely not BBS but a solid DFS. Only one minor weeper that stopped after the AS balm.

While a shavette is definitely not a recommended straight intro, it really did prepare me for this. Also, like everyone says here, the real deal is totally more forgiving than a shavette! Not a single nick or cut!

Another nice thing about previously using a shavette: Shave ready comparison. I can definitely state that Pete_S over at SRP must have done a fine job taking this really beaten razor and giving it a nice edge.

After drying the razor really well I did some practice laps on my new RupRazor Filly strop (had to buy a special hook to hang it from the bathroom wall. just waiting for questions to start popping up from guests :biggrin:.) I'm actually looking forward to see how I can maintain the blade.

Thanks to everyone here for all the suggestions and recommendations!

From my SOTD post:

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Congrats! Welcome to the brighter side of shaving.

I have ruprazors Paladin strop and love it.
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