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Wm. Elliot & Co? Galvanic?

Well the straight that I ordered hasn't come yet and I've already begun scouring my area for more. I was contacted by a gentleman who has two straights, one was made by Wm. Elliot & Co and the other was made by Galvanic.

I thought that my google-fu would make up for not knowing much about the different brands but I have fallen short. Does anyone know anything about these manufacturers?
Elliot was a German manufacturer. I bought one from Bill Ellis (you can still see it on his website - click on straight razors, then on collectible - it is the second one from the left on the top row). Bill definitely achieved a fine edge on mine and it seems to have good edge retention, too. The razor is on the small side - my only beef with it is that it doesn't have as much heft to it as I like. Anyway, my impression is that they were a quality manufacturer. If you look on the restoration threads there is one on restoring an Elliot.
That's odd. The owner said it was from Germany but their entry on uniclectica says that they're American. Did they move production to Germany after they were purchased?
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