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Discussion in 'Shavetools' started by Sargon, Nov 22, 2012.

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  1. Christmas!
  2. Christmas for me!
  3. Halloween, fall is my favorite season.
    Thanks for the contest.
  4. Halloween for me!:001_cool:
  5. Easter
  6. Christmas.
  7. first post, and I love Veterans Day... no work, free meals... mmmm....
  8. 4th of July by far. Love the smell of fireworks, bugspray, citronella, and being on the lake every year.
  9. I would say CHRISTmas yet it has lost the meaning so I would go with turkey day
  10. Christmas
  11. Christmas by far. It's fun to give and my kids are younger so it still has it's magic.
  12. Christmas. Hopefully we get a respectable amount of snow before the big day--just wasn't the same last year.
  13. Memorial Day. It brings forth the summer.
  14. British Columbia Day - Better known as the August Long Weekend!!
  15. Christmas
  16. CHRISTmas!!
  17. Omp


    Boxing Day.
    Cold cuts, chutney and nice wine in front of a roaring fire. Bliss.
  18. Definitely 4th of July!
  19. Christmas!
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