Will the Skinguard replace the Mach 3?

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    I was thinking about this today and I wonder if the Skinguard will replace the Mach 3. It seems to me like Gillette really doesnt need to have 3 different razors in their lineup and the Skinguard/Mach 3 kind of occupy the same space, as razors that are a bit cheaper and less aggressive than the Fusion. Thoughts?
  1. From what I've read: Gillette never gets rid of a cartridge because it would be a business blunder.
    Let's suppose that they spent $10M to make and market the Mach 3 range.
    Today, that investment might be paying out $10M per year in profits if their manufacturing costs are now relatively negligible.
    They keep the same old factories running at maximum efficiency to retain an old money maker.
    The new products then slowly take over as the old one dies out, if ever.
  2. Gillette has far more than three models.
  3. Perhaps. I mean, a lot of people have used the Mach 3 for decades and have no intention to change. Not to mention the tooling on it has long since been paid for.
    Seeing as how the Skinguard uses a Fusion handle, they could save some production cost by getting rid of the Mach 3 because they would no longer need to make a handle that only fits 1 head.
  4. True but Im talking carts. You are right though that Gillette does has more than 3 in their entire lineup.
  5. The following carts are available:
    GII/Trac II
    Blue3 - In some markets, it's no different from a Sensor3. In others, it is a different model.

    So nine, excluding disposables and variations.
  6. Im going to be honest with you here, Ive never even heard of half of those. LOL
  7. They just brought out the Gillette3 which has the same cartridge interface as a budget product to compete with DSC/Dorco. I wouldn't guess at Gillette's business decisions but I suppose it wouldn't be completely out of the question for handles labeled Mach3 to be discontinued someday after all Mach3-related patents expire, but I think you'll be able to get Gillette 3-blade cartridge handles for many years yet.

    The blade count and market positioning should not be tied together. Skinguard and Mach3/Gillette3 are aimed at completely different markets. The 3-blade product is aimed at value shoppers who might be tempted to switch to Dorco. Skinguard is part of the main line, its cartridges fit on Fusion handles, and it's meant for Fusion users who find the 5-blade cartridge too hard on their skin. I know it might feel a little strange to anyone older than 30 for Gillette to set this market position of less blades = better shave, but that's how Skinguard is marketed.
  8. The Mach3 patents have expired.
  9. I believe they are discontinuing the Gillette3 and Gillette5 because it was all on clearance at Target recently.
  10. That might be a Target-only decision though, if they want to put something else on those shelf spaces. Individual chains regularly stop carrying products that the manufacturer still offers. Let's see how it plays out. We'll know soon enough if that happens in more chains.
  11. So someone could manufacture generic Sensor Excel and Mach 3 blades?
  12. Retailers, especially these days, do not want unproductive shelf space.
    They're optimizing.
    The blades will remain available somewhere.
  13. Could? They already are. You can buy generic Mach 3 cartridges at Walmart under the Equate brand. 10 for $5.96, made in USA.

    There are also generic Sensor cartridges, but I've only seen those online. Vendors are carrying them for around $22 per hundred.

    The part that really threw me when I looked on Walmart's site is that there are now Venus and Fusion compatible Equate cartridges. I don't know how that happened. They are also made in the USA.

    At this rate you really won't be able to claim money as the reason to switch from cartridges to DE shaving. Those prices are dirt cheap.
  14. I thought those were Atra Plus cartridges?
    Please provide me a link if you can.
    Generic Sensor Excel cartridges would be a god-sent.
  15. I thought things like the Turbo might have still had patent protection. I could be wrong. I know the basic Mach 3 expired awhile back.
  16. It has for me. The Skinguard is a better razor than the Mach 3...for me/ymmv.

    As a Mon-Fri workday razor it’s easily the equal or superior than my higher end DE’s. Amazing razor.
  17. Yeah, Im kind of torn between the 2. The Mach 3 always has been a great razor that gives me smooth and pretty close shaves. Its not as close as the Fusion but its much more gentle.
    The Skinguard kind of occupies the same space for me. I guess my only thing is that a 4-pack of Mach 3 carts is $9 whereas the Skinguard is $14. Now, granted, the Skinguard is going to cost more because Gillette has probably spent millions of dollars developing it and they are going to want to recoup that cost but thats not my problem.
    For that reason, Id probably go Mach 3 but its simply because its cheaper. The Skinguard is a wonderful razor.
  18. Perhaps. Even still, at $5 for a 4-pack, I loaded up and bought everything they had.
  19. I get all my blades on eBay. Average $9 for a 4-pack of Skinguards. Forums, for the most part, are for hobbyists and the cost of the new Skinguard is cheap compared to what I’ve spent on software/hardware.

    I’m really happy with Gillette myself. They did their research and testing and came out with an amazing razor in the Skinguard.

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