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Gillette Mach 3 New vs Original Handle Weight

I recently picked up a new silver Gillette Mach 3 for travel and noticed the handle was much heavier than I expected it to be. I've never had one before but it got me wondering if the new Mach 3 handles are still made of the same materials as the original ones in the 90s and 2000s. Have there been any changes to the base model silver and black Mach 3 over the years? I know the blades themselves have changed somewhat but I can't find any information out there on the stock Gillette handle. Anyone who has had experience with the original and new model please let me know your opinions. Thank you!
In a purely unscientific comparison, I've had several newer models (from the last two years, made in China) and have a couple from the '90s (made in U.S.), and the old ones feel heavier.
I’ve used the Mach3 on and off between 2005 and now and never noticed a difference in the handle or the head (sharpness, longevity, etc). Maybe it’s time to hit the gym bubba.

Just kidding of course, happy shaves!
I tried several expensive aftermarket Mach3 handles made of fancy wood and metal, to get away from the cheap plastic feel. Problem was these custom Machs used aftermarket M3 heads, and there were several instances when those heads broke. I got fed up and went looking for the originals and found two 1998 U.S. models on eBay. The handles were decent and there has never been a problem with the Gillette-sourced heads.
The original handle (US made???) has some differences, the most obvious one is that the neck section near where the cart snaps on isn't cored out like it is on the newer ones....I assume this was done to save on material. The newest ones are more of a gunmetal color rather than silver too. Weight seems very similar to me.

I have a white handle with green trim from a Mach3 Sensitive model that I found at Big Lots a few years ago, from memory that one is the only one I have that is plastic rather than metal.
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