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Who's had the woman in their life borrow their shaving brush?

Has your other half borrowed your shaving brush?

  • Never

  • I don't share it

  • At least once

  • All the time!

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My other half has recently been using a shaving brush when washing or exfoliating her face, probably because I mentioned its benefits for just that! I was just wondering how many other people have had this happen.
I let mine try some rose scented soap to shave her legs with and she used the brush. She felt like it was bit of effort and preferred her canned goo. I had a wisecrack to that but I'm going to restrain myself here,......:biggrin:
The wife used mine a few times and i told her that if she kept it up i would haul off and go to Afghanistan or something!

I should've just let her use the brushes, it sucks here.


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I chose never since it never happened. However, I wouldn't mind if she needs it or I could get her one... She keeps telling me about the irritation on her armpits but it takes too long to build some lather...

I even offered to build it for here, maybe one day...
I voted never cuz my wife hasn't done it. But my granddaughter loves it. She thinks its very cool to whip up some lather for her legs and then use the brush to apply it. She says she likes the feel and gets better skin care. Go figure.
A few times....but I bought a nice pink one for her at eshave. She uses it with her on persoanl Trumper's Rose on her legs and pits.....and when I'm not looking, on her........:wink:
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