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Who's going to give these a spin around the face?

Ebay link I have to say I'd be impressed if someone actually put one of those against their face... if you do by all means let us know how bloody the results are.
What would be the point of shaving with old blades that have been bounced around for too many years. I'll stick to the new stuff, thank you.

That's the most old blades of one kind I've ever seen in one place, but I honestly can't say they're much good for anything except collecting and, well, I'm not a collector.

I know SWMBO will say differently now that my razor collection has blossomed to 4, but really, I actually USE them. I collect music, books and art too, and argueably I use those too.

But an old box of blades? I'll leave that for a true collector.


I don't know if I could ever become a collector. However, I do really like the look of old packaging and thus I think it would look really nice to fill a frame with old razor blade packages and use that as bathroom decoration... but thats just me and my unusual thoughts!
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