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Who got a "Goose?

Can a few of you who have received their invoices give me a timeframe as to when you joined the "Batch 2" list. I was put on the list September 9th. I believe that should put me later on with this batch so have not been concerned that an invoice has not yet showed up. Just looking for some ball park measurement based on recent shipments. Thanks in advance.
I got on the list around Aug 25th, received my invoice on Nov. 22, and received my shipping confirmation today.
Got on the list on the 21st of August, received invoice a few days ago but it wasn't the right items. Corrected one yesterday, tracking info today.
If you can, can you quote the above information? I feel like there is some sort of discussion going on "off screen." I know there is a Facebook group, which I asked to join but haven't received any confirmation about.
There was no discussion on production problems. They had a problem with the finish on some of the mirror polished ones and someone on another thread showed where they had grind off a little of the alignment nubs to make it right. Anyone whoever worked in a machine shop knows that production doesn't always go smooth and easy.
Got my 'goose a couple days ago and used it for the first time this morning, with a Feather Pro blade. A very good shave, though not BBS yet: the wider blade and a different blade angle compared to what I'm used to (Merkur Progress w/Polsilver blade) will take some adjustment. But a gorgeous razor!

Congratulations and thanks for all the wonderful videos. Maybe you can make one about the Mongoose--I, for one, would love to see it. I'm on the batch two list, but am still anxiously awaiting my invoice.

Again, thanks for the videos.
Got my mongoose today, satin with both handles. Man, the big bomber handle is definitely big and hefty, I think I'm going to like it. First shave with it tomorrow, I'll report back after.
First shave with the Mongoose today. It comfortably mowed down 4 days of stubble with my usual 2 pass shave. I chose to go with a Kai Mild for the first shave as it is my preferred blade in the Cobra. It was a very smooth shave, and my alum block confirmed it. I would say a bit less aggressive than the Cobra in my opinion. It is going to take some getting used to the heft, especially with the Big Bomber handle, next shave I will try the Dr. Bomber handle. The workmanship on the razor is very nice. I'm glad I ordered it, it definitely gives the Cobra a run for its money.



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I can tell you who didn't get a goose- our very own administrator extraordinaire, Jim.

In fact, he was forced to change his user name due to his diminishing ability to land a goose. It's true.
I just might do that if there's enough interest for one.
Hi Mantic: Count me in as I would love to hear your thoughts on the Mongoose. You are one of the reasons why I got into this way of shaving. I absolutely love my Mongoose. Kindly keep us posted if you make a Mongoose video.:thumbup:

I've been using mine for about two weeks.

I just can't get used to the wider head and heavy weight.

I am going to try different blades though. I bought a pack of each one I could find.
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