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Which Simpson Chubby?

So after owning a Wee Scot I bought for travelling, I decided I liked Simpson now as a brand. But I wanted a bigger brush for everyday use.

The Chubbys got great reviews and it really was a toss up between the 2 or 3 in Super. Geofatboy advised me the 3 was very cream/soap hungry. But the man in me liked the idea of having the 3. However I heard a lot of reviews saying the the 3 is stupidly big. After looking at the dimensions, the only diffrence I could see was the loft by 5mm and the handle diameter by 5mm so I ordered the 2
yeah, it is stupid big but that's the point. I use mine for special shaves ie Sunday and let it fly. I have never used it and not smiled. good choice. enjoy
I may still get a 3 in the future, but I think it'll be the Manchurian version in Disco Haze limited edition.
My own preference is the#3, but that's primarily because the handle on the #2 is too small for me. They're both very special brushes and I'm sure you'll be pleased with your choice.
IMHO, the Chubby 2 is the ideal size for a shorter brush like this. Again, just one guy's take. I recently bought a Ch2 in Manchurian with the Cobalt Blue handle. It's a dandy brush, and shreds hard soaps. My only other Simpsons is a Polo 10 in Best, and I do like Simpsons version of Best. The reason I steered away from the Ch3 is that I have 5 brushes in the 30+ range, and while they're quite luxurious, they work best for me with croaps and creams. The one exception would be a custom with a 30mm two band finest. Plus, they eat a LOT of product. :blink:
You'll be happy with your Chubby 2. I love mine! I also own a couple of CH3's. It always takes me awhile to get used to the handle size when I switch up brushes in the rotation. And Although I love my CH3's my CH2's are the perfect size for me.
The Chubby 2 Super is a more rational size brush for most folks! I just wish they would make a longer and more ergonomic handle for it. :biggrin1:
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