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Does Simpsons Duke 3 Best worth it?

I really want a Simpson brush, imo they are the best and most premium looking brushes. Love the Chubby look but they are so expensive, Chubby 1 is too small and the Chubby 2 is too expensive especially the super badger ones. So i looked at the Duke 3 Best which is almost about the same size with Chubby 2 and looks kinda like a Chubby, I found it on a store for $100 that ships to my country. Do you think its worth the money? I like splaying my brush and face lathering, i like good backbone not too floppy and soft tips.


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Can you put a price on enjoyment and satisfaction? That’s the question, is it worth the money? Much depends on that. I don’t own a Duke 3 in best. I do own a few other Simpson brushes that I quite like. I’m often happy with most purchases I make. You really want a Simpson brush, what’s that worth to you?
Everyone should own a Duke 3 in Best.....or at minimum, buy, try and decide if it's for them. What you are describing in terms of likes, is what it has.

Mine is a keeper. You can't go wrong with a Duke 3 in Best.
I want a nice badger brush so that i can never look back at badger brushes again, I want one brush to rule them all 😁.I am stuck between Chubby 2 and Duke 3 which has $80 difference.
Is Duke 3 in best worth it, yes. Chubby and Duke are certainly iconic brushes that will anchor your rotation. Hard to argue with the looks. A CH2 in ivory or butterscotch is the epitome of brush aesthetics and a pillar for a face lathering rotation.

Onto the hair, Super is really soft, not much backbone, and may have some scritch. Mixed opinions on the scritch part but soft tips and low backbone is generally consensus. You stated that you want some backbone and are price sensitive. I would say Super may seem overpriced for what it is as it doesn’t line up with your stated preferences. You could certainly get Super and be very happy.

However, based on your desire for soft tips and backbone, I would target the 2-band Silvertip over Super. That doesn’t mean I’m saying not to get Best. But if you plan to reach, reach for 2-band over Super. There are some Black Friday deals still up on the Simpson website. On their website, the price will be lower at checkout when you exclude VAT (if that applies). And you can only get Manchurian and 2-band on the Simpson website, for the most part. You could find a deal there and hope for the best out of the Simpson roulette wheel.
Yes, it's worth it. Haven't tried the Duke 3 in best personally (mine is synthetic) but all of my other Simpson badger brushes have been quality and absolute joys to use. Never had any issues (besides not having enough of them).
I think everyone should have a Simpson brush… no matter which one it is. I thought a chubby would suit me but, I didn’t like it when I held it in my hand. My suggestion is to find a store that carries them and, handle a few… then decide which one is right for you.
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