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Which Mergress?

I have my name on Lees razors site list so that I'll get notified when they become available again. Problem is, I'm sure they sell out fast, so I figure I need to work out which one I would order when the time comes. How can I figure out which one is for me without buying all three? The plain Mergress, the long handle, or the xl version?

For what it's worth, I have the merkur 38c which seems too heavy and long. The 34c is ok. However a long handle black beauty sits comfortably in my hand. I also like feel of fatboys. Slims feel a bit awkward, but more due to balancing.

Help me decide?
I prefer my short 'plain' Mergress over the long, (own both), and they're in the weekly rotation. The short 'Mer' is easier to move around my face and is a little more comfortable since it weighs less than the other. I have other razors like the 34 and 37C models, but nothing shaves closer than these do. (DE blades are always IP reds, by choice). Also a note: I use my Mergress' set to the #3 setting which matches nearly the 34C blade gap.
I like my Mergress LH but the XL looks really nice. I bought the LH as that was the only Mergress Lee had in stock at the time I bought it.
i added my name to "the list" a while back and never heard anything. how long does it take before he does more normally? its been probably more than 6 months but i prefer longer handles normally
When your name comes up so that you can order, you will find Lee very helpful with good advice. He wants you to be happy with your purchase and will do his best to get you into the right version (if available). I have big hands and find the XL version a nice blend of balance and good fit.

It is difficult to acquire enough Progress razors to convert to the Mergress. Demand is much higher than the available supply. The used market is a good place to get, such as the B/S/T here.
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