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Which manufacturer puts out the best product?


three-tu-tu, three-tu-tu
To be honest, this is kind of a ‘Who builds the best cars?’ question . . .

I couldn't agree more. The only way you'd know is to buy a razor from every manufacturer. But then you'd only have one of each, and that's not a reasonable way to judge QC. Better to buy 10 from each manufacturer. I have done the math on this and the total expenditure would be $really a lot.

Does price figure into this equation? Does being "the best" mean as much to you if the price is twice as high?

At the end of the first page of this post I believe I counted 14 "best" manufacturers. We're all #1 doesn't really seem to be statistically possible.

By the by, you can get similar results by asking for the best soap/razor blade/cream/fingernail clipper, etc.

Two short answers:
1. We don't know.
2. It probably doesn't matter.

It's interesting as an exercise, but you'd probably be better off asking which group of manufacturers make great stuff in particular price ranges.
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