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Which manufacturer puts out the best product?

I'm thinking of trying out a stainless steel razor but was wonder who makes
the best quality product as in tightest clearances and fewest defects. I was
looking at Rockwell but have heard some not very good things about them as far as quality control
To be honest, this is kind of a ‘Who builds the best cars?’ question, but FWIW I have been extremely pleased with my Tatara (Nodachi and Muramasa) razors.

Best safety razors I ever came across.
Precisely engineered, tight tolerances, shaves like a dream.
Available in stainless and titanium.

It's really more about what works for you. Blackland is excellent but his razors are on the aggressive side, though smooth. Timeless offers a range from mild to aggressive. The Rocnel Sailor is an adjustable that goes from super mild to as aggressive as anyone could want.

I just acquired an adjustable Rex Konsul that so far seems to be giving the Sailor a run for its money. I haven't done a side-by-side yet but I expect to do so soon.

All of these are top-notch razors without pricing like Wolfmans.

Karve razors are not as flashy as these but are equal in quality and performance. Plus they offer enough base plates to make any shaver happy.

These are just what I've used among high-end razors, but there are many others out there.

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Italian barber(Razorock) manufactures excellent stainless steel razors with good quality control + excellent finishes and reasonable priced SS razors.
I own 3 Razorock razors of 316 SS, Wunderbar slant, Game changer .84 and the Lupo.72 and all give nice shaves. The Lupo.72 is my favorite.
You don't mention a price range, but since you mentioned Rockwell I will assume you are not thinking Wolfman or Rocnel territory.

For your criteria of best quality product as in tightest clearances and fewest defects, the answer is Tatara. They produce absolute precision. For comparison, I don't own Wolfman or Rocnel, but in addition to Tatara, I do own Blackland, Rex, Lambda, Timeless, Razorock, Karve, Muhle, and more.
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The more I think about it the more I think I can't imagine any of the expensive
razors shaving any better or looking any better than my 90 year old Gillette
New De Luxe in chrome. I would be hard pressed telling it from new by looking at it.
Almost all the razors I have from Gillette , Merkur ,Muhle and Hoffritz are fine shavers
for my face but the New De Luxe is smoother and slightly closer than the others
I would say try out a high end Titanium :)

The Timeless and Woflman are the high end ones I have that I love
They are better than any of the other razors I have like the RR models or the Yates which are less $ so I expect the ones that cost more $ to be nicer :) in build and fit and finish

its how much you want to spend and IMHO comes down to the best shave
wolfman vs timeless for me came down to the Timeless but only cause I liked the way it shaved better in the end and the RR GC came in 3rd place because the way it shaved I could have been totally happy with it though :)
My highest quality razors are Blackland, Tatara, ATT, Yates, and Henson. All are made very well with tight tolerances…..and they shave well too.

Many high quality manufacturers out there….I just don’t have them all yet 😁.
I have a Rockwell and it's great. I have however binned a Fatip and a Parker razor for QC problems, uneven blade exposure specifically. If you buy anything under like 40 dollars, you're risking QC problems appearing. Anything above that should be fine.
I like the Timeless .95 OC and Slim OC heads with the Ti Crown and the 100mm Barberpole handle. Not exactly cheap.

The Blackbird SB is also a very good razor, but not a fan of the easy to tilt stand and would recommend the polished version, the marks deemed acceptable for the machined and satin finish don't get my approval.

I very much like the Game Changer and Lupo for Razorock and their clones from DSCosmetic and Yaqi. Not that cheap anymore, but a bargain compared to the others. The Wunderbar and Superslant also seem very interesting, I only have a Wunderbar so far.

But then, Razorock and clones are all more or less clones or inspired by Wolfman heads and design (except for the slants)... so without owning a Wolfman, I would think that design and quality are at home at Wolfman. For quite a price.
The more I think about it the more I think I can't imagine any of the expensive
razors shaving any better or looking any better than my 90 year old Gillette
Aw don't get me wrong, this is a very nice razor. But once you got a nice stainless steel or titanium razor with shaving characteristics you like (which can be expensive to figure out by self-experimentation, no amount of reading the forum can repalce that), you might not want to go back. I am thinking of myself now, but I am not a vintage fan, rather take more aggressive "modern" designs.
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