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Which limes is better T&H or TOBS?

Which Limes is better T&H or TOBS

  • T&H West Indian Limes

  • TOBS Lemon & Limes

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Which limes is better T&H West Indian Limes or TOBS Lemon & Limes?

Right now, the weather is getting warmer you know and get ready for summer. I don't want to get my face get hot and warm so I'm need something protecting. I think lime scent are the good choice.

Do you enjoy T&H West Indian Limes or TOBS Lemon & Limes?

I now that T&H Limes on tub has green color but I don't about the TOBS color cream inside the tub.

I do feel warm and protecting after I tried T&H West Inidan Limes. That was good. I didn't try TOBS limes scent yet.

What do you think?

Chris A


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For the Scent (T&H) however I had an allergic reaction to it. TOBS, great stuff, love it!
I am a fan of trumpers lime so i really cant say. but when you decide let me know and i will give one or the other a try
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