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Which Injector?

I'll be recieving a batch of injector blades in the next day or two and want to try an injector razor. I have a Schick L1 and a PAL Adjustable. Which would be the best to start with? The PAL definitely looks the coolest! It's a nice looking razor.

PS - What does the L and H stand for on the dial of the PAL razor?


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I have an L-1 and it is one of my favorite razors bar none. I had an E-3 and found it to be a bit more aggressive. The L-1 is the a great razor. I use it with Ted Pella shaves. As for the PAL, I have never used one.
I've got an I2 Hydromagic and an L1 I break out every now and then. I'd really like to run across an NOS Type O, but I ain't dropping a C-note on it..
I have an E series, and have used an L series, and they are very different. E series is more aggressive, but I get a better shave with it than the L series. The L series is more gentle.
I have a PAL non adjustable and a Hydro-Magic. I must say I like the Hydro-Magic quite a bit more than the PAL.

L&H = Light & Heavy?