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PAL Adjustable Injector

I had my first shave with my PAL adjustable injector. I was being careful, as it is unknown to me. I used the H-high setting for the first two passes, then dialed it back to the middle for the ATG. It went pretty well. It is a bit heavier than the vintage Schick razors I've been using since SEtember.

There isn't much talk about them here, anyone else shaving with one lately?
I have one that I enjoy using. I recall a discussion years ago either here or on a different forum about what the L and H stand for. Is it Light and Heavy or Low and High?
I’ve only had three shaves with the PAL and about 10 shaves with the Schick Adjustable, but I am starting to think that the PAL is smoother. What do you all think?
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