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Which blade did you toss today? After how many uses?

This thread is similar to the "which blade did you use today?" thread. I'm interested in seeing average blade life. No worries if you are a "throw away after 2 days no matter what" person.. :)

We'll see if this catches on..

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Tried to extend a Rapira Platinum Lux to 4 shaves. Not bad. Good quality shave but a bit of mild tugging here and there. I can say how some could say that many/most blades could last for a week in good conditions. But I like that fresh blade/full sharpness feel and I see no reason to tolerate substandard shaves. I'm trying to stick to 3 and done so at least I get to check on my technique. But after a few more months of this, I might even start tossing blades at 2 simply because some blades feel better on the second rather than the first shave.
Voskhod (1). This is the reason we get blade samplers! I was sure I was going to love these, but I got horrible irritation!
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