Which blade did you toss today? After how many uses?

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    This thread is similar to the "which blade did you use today?" thread. I'm interested in seeing average blade life. No worries if you are a "throw away after 2 days no matter what" person.. :)

    We'll see if this catches on..

    Super Platinum (4)
  1. A Shark Super Chrome in the Parker SR1 shavette and a Bic Yellow in the Parker 99r TTO. 4 shaves on both.
  2. Rapira Platinum Lux....6 shaves
  3. 7am plus 1.5 ...terrible blade
  4. PMT


    My shark sc go 7 days!
  5. Shark SC (3) shaves. Only threw it out so I could compare it to a Shark Super Stainless...Super Chrome is better for me, but not by much.
  6. GSB in the EJ gold barley, 3 scrapes.
    I toss all blades at 3, maybe the odd one at 4 if I'm liking it.
  7. Tried to extend a Rapira Platinum Lux to 4 shaves. Not bad. Good quality shave but a bit of mild tugging here and there. I can say how some could say that many/most blades could last for a week in good conditions. But I like that fresh blade/full sharpness feel and I see no reason to tolerate substandard shaves. I'm trying to stick to 3 and done so at least I get to check on my technique. But after a few more months of this, I might even start tossing blades at 2 simply because some blades feel better on the second rather than the first shave.
  8. Feather Professional SE after 14 uses.
  9. Derby (1).
  10. Silver Blue, I get two decent shaves from them before they start to drag.
  11. Shark Super Chrome (5), This was the first Shark SC that I have tried, very happy with them so far.
  12. Ditto on the Shark. 4 days. It never cut me but it really has a hard time removing my whiskers. Replaced with a 7 o'clock black: huge improvement!!
  13. Gillette Silver Blue, after 2 uses.
  14. Astra Sp 4 uses
  15. Voskhod (1). This is the reason we get blade samplers! I was sure I was going to love these, but I got horrible irritation!
  16. I tossed a Derby after half a shave. The tugging was unbearable!

    Shave was saved my a 7 o'clock yellow.
  17. Shark super stainless. 2 shaves and neither worked for me. Like the super chromes.
  18. Lord Platinum, 4 days, still shaving close but always get a little minor heat on face after 4th shave, so out it goes.
  19. Gillette Wilkinson Sword (Shanghai), 2 shaves. Second times I've used one of these blades. Just can't get a smooth, comfortable shave out of them.

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