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Where to go/shop in England/France

I'll be heading across the pond to England and France in week. I'll be in Paris for 5 days and London for 5 days. What shaving related places are a must see? What products can I get a better price on? Is there a particular barbershop I should go to for a wetshave? I'm open to any and all ideas.
Thanks gents,
When in London, do yourself a favor and head to Jermyn Street. This is where the superior quality men's stores are. Stop by Trumpers, Taylors or DR Harris (around the corner on Saint James Street). Besides the familar creams, soaps and other products that are discussed and reviewed on this site, you will find many other gentlemanly items that will make your mouth water: hair care products, brushes, manicure sets, hip flasks, etc. But take the time to stroll up and down the street to admire shirts, suits, ties, shoes. Prices are high and the exchange rate is not great, but it's fun to look and learn.

I can't recommend much in Paris, although it's where I live. A limited selection of high-end shaving products can be found in any pharmacy (and there is one in every block - this is a nation of hypochondriacs). Look for brands like Avene and Laroche-Posay.

Enjoy these wonderful cities. A word of caution about Paris, though: don't expect great food. 95% of restaurants are bad to mediocre. I know this advice runs against the grain, but I've been burned here dozens and dozens of times over many years. If you want to eat well in France (and you can), get out of town!
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