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Where to donate new/unopened blades?

I have narrowed my DE blade choices to a select few that I totally enjoy. I have several unopened 5 & 10 packs of blades I know I won't use. I'd like to donate. But where?
I thought of veteran's hospitals but who knows the demand for DE blades. It's not like in my father's day. Any suggestions?
You could PIF me some. All I have is Feathers, and would welcome looking into something else for variety's sake.
My advice:

Once RAD has set in, take one of the dozens of razors you will have collected, part it with said blades, and sell it. :thumbup1:

Or take a razor, part it with said blades, and lend it to someone to get them onboard the DE bandwagon :thumbup:
I like the idea of allowing a fellow newbie the chance to find a blade to his liking.
Amazingly, in the 60's I shaved with one SuperSpeed, one Adjustable with the Gillette blades. I did try Wilkerson Swords once.
I was going to dispense with some Derbys, but I keep acquiring new razors and they turned out to be a perfect match with a Fatboy that turned up later on down the road. Glad I kept 'em :001_smile
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