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Where are my Anti-RAD minimalist brothers!

I'm in the one boat. If I have more than one I would either completely forget about the others or be to indecisive on which to use.
I'm a huge fan of the mid-20th century aesthetic. One of the era's rules is no clutter. Aside from looking better, the greatest advantage is that it keeps life manageable.
So, my stock"
Grandpa's Old Type (that one's a keeper obviously)
Gillette New long tooth, because I love the way it shaves.
Next time I visit my dad, who now uses a Noralco, I'll see if he still has his Gillette TTO.

As for other shaving supplies, I got into a habit of shaving with gentle hand soap, and aloe lotion post-shave long before I ever considered picking up a vintage DE. It works for me.

That said, a large debt is owed to the collectors how have cataloged the history of tools and technique available here. It's a culture I enjoy reading about.
EJ Barley, Feathers, SR3824 for equipment.

And honestly if you gave me just Proraso green tub/cream and the AS I could survive.
I finally got there. In the beginning I tried quite a few razors, soaps, creams, and blades hoping to find "my" combination. A couple of years ago I found it. The following is "it" for me:

razor: Dad's '64 SS. I also have a '66 SS for travel/backup.
blade: Derby. Been using them exclusively for 2 years and have an additional 4-year supply.
soap: EU Palmolive stick and VDH Luxury. I alternate days.
brush: Omega boar. Tweezerman for travel.
AS: Skin Bracer for the past 45 years.

That's it. Not too exciting, but it is what works best for me. And I am quite happy with my shaves. Oh, and I might mention that the VDH soap is in my Grandfather's 1949 Old Spice mug. An added bonus.:thumbup1:
.....i was a minimalist for many many years... until i found this site............

.............this site is more addictive than heroin....... but at least it is legal....
I could easily get by (razor-wise) for the rest of my life with what I've got: Merkur HD, '66 Gillette SS (born when I was!), Dovo straight, Vulfix and AOS brush (one each)
I have two razors, a Merkur 38c that I started with and a Muhle r41 which I had to try. I also had to have stands for each. Two brushes and three or four different creams. The creams will not be replaced until gone. I also have a travel case when needed. I guess I jumped into the whole thing guns blazing at first, and it did get expensive in just the short time I've been DE shaving. Yeah, I think that I'm done with AD's for now.


Am I the only one that wants one razor, one brush, a couple creams & aftershaves and that's it? I've been doing the wet shaving thang for about 6 months now. I've read a ton of great info on this forum and learned way more than I thought one could learn about shaving....thanks for that! However, unlike many that I've seen here, I don't want to accumulate a bunch of razors & brushes, etc. My goal has more been to find one razor/brush that does the job and call it a day. I look forward to trying new creams and aftershave balms, but only after I've depleted my current ones. Any of you guys like me or u all got da RADS?
This post linked here is one of the wisest and truest I've run across here on B&B. I found it not long after I started DE shaving back in November of last year. I had just discovered B&B and was only beginning to manifest early symptoms of RAD. But having succumbed to similar passions connected to grail-like objects of obsession over the years (e.g., banjos), I immediately recognized the post's essential wisdom. And I thought: "Who am I to pursue a shortcut on the path?" So I embraced The Tao of DE Shaving, according to which, as I see it, RAD is simply a way of paying dues. Someday, I hope to achieve simplicity. If and when I do, I will have the satisfaction of knowing that I earned it as just reward for honoring tradition.
I'm definitely in the minimalist camp ... 1 DE razor, 1 brand of blades, 1 brush, 2 soaps, 1 cream, 2 ASB. The consistent shave set-up is working quite well for me, and I feel no desire to add significantly to the mix. (Just getting into frags - now that might be a different story!)

But I certainly don't begrudge the AD guys their enjoyment. I can appreciate collecting shave gear, especially rare and vintage items, as a pleasurable hobby.
Merkur 1904 (would like to trying something else someday but not now)
Gillette 7 o'clock yellows. i like them
3 euro Boar brush
MWF trying to kill it then kill my Tabac stick.
Speick AS

i have the desire to get more but not really the money or space.
I seem to weave in and out of minimalist phases every now and then. For the past 8 months, I've been using nothing but Tabac SS, Edwin Jagger 89L, Red Personna blades, and Speick AS. But in the past month I discovered Razorock, and reignited my love for Arlington and Proraso AS. I also just jumped on the straight razor wagon. Right now I'm just going to enjoy the ADs; eventually they'll clear up and who knows what set up I'll be left with. Either way, I'm going to enjoy the process!
Four years ago, I never had the intention of being a minimalist and at one stage had 24 soaps in rotation, about 15 razors and several brushes. As I only wanted gear that worked the best for me, this large rotation got culled to just the following:

- vulfix 2233 silver tip, semogue 1800 and a vulfix 660 super badger for travel.
- MWF, speick and GFT Rose shave soaps
- muhle r89 and EJ barley chrome razors
- Indian Gillette 7oc blades
- witch hazel and menthol aftershave