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Where are my Anti-RAD minimalist brothers!

Am I the only one that wants one razor, one brush, a couple creams & aftershaves and that's it? I've been doing the wet shaving thang for about 6 months now. I've read a ton of great info on this forum and learned way more than I thought one could learn about shaving....thanks for that! However, unlike many that I've seen here, I don't want to accumulate a bunch of razors & brushes, etc. My goal has more been to find one razor/brush that does the job and call it a day. I look forward to trying new creams and aftershave balms, but only after I've depleted my current ones. Any of you guys like me or u all got da RADS? :001_tongu

My current 'mini-den' fwiw;
Merkur Futur - allows me to get aggressive shave in fewer passes which is great for my sensitive skin (just finished 2 pass w/ touch up = bbs)
Parker silvertip chrome brush - doesn't get much love around here, but I can face lather and bowl lather with no problem.
Omega brush & razor stand
DirtyBird Scuttle 1.0
Nancy Boy Signature Preshave, cream, and ASB
T&H 1805 cream and asb, with T&H preshave oil.
Still tinkering with blades but love Astras (Med Preps on their way)

That's IT! :ohmy:
You're not alone.

Ever since 2008, when my business failed and I went into major debt, girlfriend left me, horse left me, dog left me, IRS callin me... I took some time to reconsider my virtues and values. I figured I would need to live more simple. Less to have, less to worry about. So I ask myself "What would Wyatt Earp do?" ( I admit I don't know much about him. But I'm down with the wild west) I figure the frontier man would need few things. But the few things he had were the best for what ever purpose it was for. One pistol for blasting people, one shotgun for hunting(animals or enemies), one iron skillet, one pot, one knife, one shaver.

Kinda how I see things. Still appreciate nice things. But don't mean I want all of them.
I am also in this to find what works for me and not have XX amount of shaving gear in a closet somewhere.
Right now I am experimenting with different things to find what works and then I'm going to be pretty minimalistic and only try new products (mostly software) only once in a while.
I have found the 1 razor (to rule them all) which is a slim adjustable, and I have a brush that I am happy with which is an Omega boar #49.
I also think I have blades that work well for me even though I just started going through a sampler pack.
Now I just need to narrow down the soaps/creams and AS.

In the end I think that I will have 2 brushes, 2 razors and a few (3-4) different soaps so I can have some variety.

My current and only line up is:
feather all stainless
VDH boar brush
wilkinson sword britain made blades
kiss my face unscented
edge shave gel
witch hazel
zirh refresh
hand made by me coat hanger razor and brush stand

Very happy. I've tried only a few other blades but they all came and went. Williams soap was good but I chose not to buy a new puck for now. My coffe cup turned shave mug sits retired.
My minimalist set up

Merkur HD
Feather Blades
Tabac Soap
PC Pen and Woodcraft Silver tip brush
Robert Becker Scuttle and Brush Holder
Alum Block

I like keeping things the same so I can concentrate on my technique.

Gillette SS 1967
Gillette SS 1963 (bought just because it's my birth year)
VDH boar brush
Hand made soap bought locally, coffe mug for soap
Speick AS

I also have a Speick soap stick to use when the current one is finished.

Merkur Massacre will be my role model, I like how you think.
I am getting into this mode. I could shave with my Fatboy for the rest of my life. My favorite blades are the Gillette Black 7 o clocks - I could use those exclusively for life. I have favorite creams and soaps in rotation but I like to experiment. My current aftershave rotation could last a year or two.
Getting there, though I had to buy quite a few razors to find out what I liked. I'll probably keep ten razors or less, both for backup reasons (e.g. vintage) or sentimental ones (my birth quarter razor, Mom's birth quarter razor).

Having said that, I think I've settled on one blade (Astra SP) and maybe a couple of others as alternatives. I haven't been hit by SBAD and I'm working through soap and AS samples; though I could do well with just using Arko or Speick due to my city's water hardness.
I started DE shaving 2 years ago with the intention of being a minimalist. I walked into the grocery store to buy some Mach 3 blades and the price just blew my mind. I bought a Merkur 38c and some C.O. Bigelow shaving cream to re-learn how to shave. The razor works well. I usually use ASR blades because they do a good job for me. I also have a Merkur 1904, a puck of Vander Hagen deluxe, a Omega pure badger brush, a Vander Hagen deluxe brush and some derby blades. My setup works well for me and saves me money.
I brand new to the "wet shaving" lifestyle, but I'm not new to the minimalist philosophy. I've started out with a 34c, I don't even know what kind of brush, eShave cream, and a bowl I stole from the kitchen. I'm content with my setup, and don't have the desire to expand much. I got interested in de shaving as a way to save money from an article I read on lifehacker. I'm very happy to have found the process is much more than a penny pinching scheme, but I still value the frugal aspect of "traditional" shaving.
I have four razors, two were family, one i bought and my sister found a nice adjustable at a garage sale for a couple bucks. I use VDH soap, and hav two brushes (boar and an AofS pure badger), and three aftershaves thatI like. I am beyond happy with my small setup.
I'd like to be a part of the club BUT I have 800 blades and 4 razors (3 under 15$). I'm minimalist in some ways hummmm my favorite soaps are inexpensive (Palmolive, Proraso and erasmic), my shaving mug is one that my sister gave me for christmas and I'm satisfied with my one frank shaving best badger brush.
I'm a minimalist at heart. Just right now I am caught up in AD. I will eventually settle down back to my natural minimalist state. Having fun playing now. As of right now I am starting to play with Str8s. So many toys! YEAH! Give me another 18 months and I'll settle down into a comfortable routine. At that point I'll post my daily drivers!
I'm with you guys. I live out of a backpack as I've been traveling Mexico and South America for the past several months (and plan to continue for up to a year), so for me, a minimalist approach to possessions is a must! I'm only just getting into the wetshaving routine, but I'm trying to OBSESS about getting just the right razor, bowl and brush and calling it good. But I can definitely see how one would be drawn by curiosity to this razor or that razor, or wonder if this waterstone really DOES make a difference in your honing.

That being said, for now it's just a matter of getting that razor (currently looking at a Torrey 992 online http://straightrazorplace.com/attachments/razors/48128d1283249535-torrey-razor-img_4488.jpg), a travel friendly bowl and brush and I'll be just about set (already have the travel friendly strop and sharpener sorted). I overuse parentheses...
I'm new here but I'm also a minimalist at heart. In fact I hesitated joining this forum because everyone here seemed to have a bathroom full of shaving equipment. The cost saving argument just didn't seem all that convincing after seeing the pictures. IMHO some guys here are really crazy and I don't mean friendly-funny-crazy. So I made the switch to wet-shaving with a promise to myself that I'll never get an AD. After all a simple act of shaving can't be that great, can it?

So I read a lot of reviews and recommendations for newbies and got myself a Merkur HD, Omega 10005, MWF, alum block and a blade sampler pack. Quickly after finding out that my face is somewhat sensitive to lanolin, I also got Proraso soap and Palmolive stick. I'm already getting better shaves with less irritation than I used to get with multiblades or electics. I guess that's "mission accomplished". I know I won't be buying anything shaving related until I run out of something.
You are so right on going min, I just started de shaving recently, and honestly I hit something that works and I will just stick with it instead of accumulating too many things I don't use/use infrequently. Omega brush/lord l6/astra sps/kmf. Although the Merkur 34 looks sexy....