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When/Why did Moustaches become creepy?

Or carry a clip-on mod.


Wow! The Stache Shield seems to be vaporwear, but it does look like it would be an easy DIY. I didn't know they made modern equivalent moustache cups clip-ons.

After looking, found "whisker dam", which seems like a in-production copper version that resembles the stache shield a lot!
I grew up in Pakistan before moving to Canada later on, and Pakistan and perhaps the whole of South Asia, is still very moustache friendly.
Funny you should say that. In the city I work in I mostly see Indians and Pakistani's with moustache's, but that is changing. The 'stache is making a comeback. Big beard has peaked and the moustache is what's replacing it. I've had a horseshoe before, and it works for me with my beard pattern. I'm clean shaven these days, but I think if I decide to get a moustache, it's going to be a pencil one ala Vincent Price.