When/Why did Moustaches become creepy?

Discussion in 'Beards & Moustaches' started by salman, Aug 2, 2019.

    I love a good moustahce. Specifically the handlebar variety. Even sported one last year before i shaved it off for a change in look ( picture attached ).


    But am i crazy or have moustaches of any kind gotten a bad rep in the last one decade or so, especially after the stubble/beard boom came about? There is this whole ‘moustaches are creepy’ vibe that seems to be around. Here I’m talking about guys who support moustaches alone, and not just with a beard.

    Any thoughts on why/when it happened? I’m 33 currently so i wasn’t around during the 60s and 70s, but simply going by images of the time reveal that moustaches were much common at the time, and i assume, considered the fashionable thing to do.

    I grew up in Pakistan before moving to Canada later on, and Pakistan and perhaps the whole of South Asia, is still very moustache friendly. They are essentially the go to form of facial hair for most men there, so i found the difference in perception towards facial hair in opposite parts of the world quite interesting.

    Any thoughts on this matter? Especially people who lived through the 70s or so?

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  1. Not aware of what your talking about.
  2. Man, I think mustaches started to become creepy after Magnum PI was pulled off the air.


    I mean, when he was on air, they were all the rage. Of course, I have no idea how they ever became popular after the 1940’s in the first place! I mean...


    But then, I’ve never been a trend setter, so what would I know.
  3. Ad Astra

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    Shaved it a decade ago ... Girl saw an old pic, called it a "molestache."

    Which is either hysterically funny, or hurtful. Or both!

    AA :a30:
  4. I think it's a generational thing and younger people tend to be more averse to mustaches than older. As to why, I am not certain, though I think it's partially due to the "child molester" archetype which, at some point throughout the years, became synonymous with a certain brand of mustache. It may also be in part due to men who grow mustaches but don't wear them well and so there is a glut of unflattering mustaches out there giving good-mustache growers a bad reputation. I think in recent years, thanks probably to the general increase in beard acceptability, that mustaches have had a minor renaissance as I tend to see them more often now than I did a decade ago.
  5. Check out Luca Dinaro’s beautiful handle bar moustache on is You Tube Channel. I think lots of middle age Italian men sport them today. His is brilliant!
  6. In the 60's I shaved for high school graduation day, then the upper lip stayed 'stached for almost two decades. I was told by my 30 something son that now only "cops & porn actors" wore them .. so part of the issue is simply style, or lack thereof ..

    I think Chevy hit it though - back when everybody grew one, whether they could or not, it led to a backlash against them in general. Maybe they'll come back with bell bottoms & tie-die ..

    I have an old group picture from circa 1970 of a college fraternity, 90% are wearing something on their upper lips
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    I have full lips and the absence of a protective hair shield on the upper lip makes me look feminine. Kevin Kline's mustache means he's in a comedy. My oldest brother has had a mustache since he graduated college. There are certain mustaches that just shouldn't be grown unless you're going for some effect. The pencil is great if you're an artist, but otherwise should be avoided. Hitler ruined the toothbrush for everyone (Chaplin and Hardy wore it proudly).

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