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When do you shave?

Hi again every one,

Still new to DE shaving, a few weeks now, I was just curious as to when do you like to shave? Morning or Night? I've started to like shaving so much I've considered both! :001_smile
I shave in the AM.... I would probably do both if my face would allow it :w00t: , but since not I want it to be smoothest during the work day.
I work 2nd shift, so during the week I shave early afternoon after I get a shower, and before getting ready to go to work. On days off and weekends, I tend to shave in the evenings after a shower, and before bed.
I usually shave after I've showered when I get in from work...sometimes I'll leave it until later in the evening.
At the weekends I'll generally shave in the morning (after I've had a couple of coffees as I'm not really a morning person :lol:). However, if we're going out in the evening I'll shave before getting ready.
I always shave in the evening before bed. I live in a house with four women (my wife and three daughters) so as you can imagine bathroom time in the morning is always a premium. We have three bathrooms but it seems that for some reason they all want to be in the same one at the same time. Go figure.
When i can be bothered lol the whole wet shaving thing has kinda lost its appeal,dont have the get up and go for it anymore lol
I can relate to the responses given. I shave in the mornings before work but when I'm not working it usually winds up being in the afternoon or evening after I shower. The afternoon and evening shaves are at more relaxed times and I at least feel I get a better shave.
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