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What's your best performing hard soap?

I'm looking for some good hard soaps to try. Nothing against cella or RR I like them too. I've tried tabac and really liked it, haslinger, mama bear, And vdh. What should I try next in hard soaps? What's your favorite? Scent aside just based on performance of lather.
I've had my eye on some Arlington for a while. Hear nothing but good.

Yes it is really nice with a citrus & fern smell, but it suits spring and summer and as I am in the Southern Hemisphere and we are going through late autumn then I have packed mine away until winter is over.

The lather however is superb, I face lather and it really works well with a short loft badger.
C&E Nomad...probably the most under rated soap on this list. Also Muhle Sea Buckthorn is a wonderful soap that stays under the radar around here
Only of the soaps I have, it would be MWF with the Arko stick coming in a very close second.

OldGreyGuy, get the Marlborough. It has a very masculine Woodsy, Earthy fragrance.

Art of Shaving Sandalwood is a fine fall and winter fragrance. The AOS is arguably one of the finest soaps being made today.
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