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What's on my workbench right now

Looks like the current knot is 24mm but it looks masive next to everything else on the bench. The handle towers above everything.

Several of these may end up as the starter kit for the pass around box.
I was just looking at a metal version of the Dubl Duck brush. Seemed very nice. Should be a good base to work with.
Yeah, I've got that knot out and the letters repainted now. I don't know what to put in it. I lean toward the traditional boar in these but I don't know of a vendor that sells a nice big high loft boar.

I saw those, especially that clear lucite one in the middle. Kind of caught my eye but I didn't have any interest in the others. Nice grab though.
I really wanted the wood handled rubberset and the black and butterscotch one, though I'm not certain what kind of shape that one is in.
I just ordered a buttload of knots from Virginia Sheng. I was really pleased with the finest I got from there. I spent $78 shipped for 6 20 mm boar, a 22mm silvertip, a 20mm synthetic, a 25mm finest and a 28mm finest for that Dubl Duck.
That's a nice price for those. I'll be doing an order of about that many knots soon so I'll have to check them out.
They're from China, so it takes a bit of patience. But like I said I have been very pleased with the 24mm finest I got from them. Its in my Rubberset 400 and has been my go to brush.
You've got some really nice handles there. I'm looking forward to seeing them all shined up and with new knots.
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