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What type of cell phones are you gentlemen using?


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Just a crappy LG flip phone. I don't care for smart phones, and rue the day Motorola stopped making the Razr.
A Iphone 3gs. Waiting patiently to see if the iphone five is worth the upgrade or if I should jump off the apple ship.
Nokia Lumia 900. I know my avatar is Andy but its a work phone that they pay for it so I gave my Droid Incredible w/ extended battery to my sister.
and rue the day Motorola stopped making the Razr.

Stuck with that phone for WAY longer than I should have.
Replaced the battery several times but it just wouldn't charge and hold a charge... same thing on mine and wife's phone, I think Motorola or Verizon implanted something to force users out of them after so many years.

Now sporting the G-Zone Ravine for personal use and work. Nice ruggedized phones with more features than we need and great battery life.
Personal phone is a Galaxy S running CM9 and loving it, work one is a Blackberry Torch which tends to malfunction evenings and weekends.
I used to have a Droid X2, but I stupidly jumped in a pool with it in my pocket. I am now using my old BlackBerry Storm 2. The only things I don't like about this phone is how slow it is on the internet and how heavy it is. It works great for Email; better than the droid.
Blackberry Bold 9700. It's a little buggy and it was built prior to OS6 being released, so while it supports that OS, it brings with it some issues. However, having said that, I want a phone that is reliable for phone calls and emails, and has a wicked battery life, and that's where this thing shines. Plus I can be a little clumsy and this phone takes a beating. I've been with BB since they released the 8700, so I don't know what I'm going to do going forward. My office is all Mac and I'm very happy with my MacBook Pro, but Apple is a little too locked down for me, especially on the phone side. I want to love the iPhone but every time I try one out, there are a few key things missing that drive me up the wall. *sigh*
Samsung Galaxy Nexus (VZW), unlocked & rooted. I swap out ROMs at least once every few weeks to keep things fresh - currently running AXI0M HYBRYD M3.
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