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What straight did you use today? Now with PICTURES

It's a great little shaver, but takes a bit of concentration. With the tang the same thickness as the thin blade, it tends to want to roll or twist in your fingers. That can result in some uncomfortable results, so care is required. That said, it's quite fun to use.
I've got a few, once in awhile I might pick one of them up, but it's been very long since I dared to shave with one
Razor: Wacker Jungmeister 6/8
Brush: Ca Yuen Workshop “Ruby Flake” 26mm Timberwolf
Pre-shave: PAA Cube 2.0
Shave Bowl: Van Yulay honeycomb bowl
Soap: Tabac
Post Shave: Thayer’s Facial Toner
Osage Rub

Just recently started using Tabac, not really blown away with the scent but the performance is very good. Certainly easier and more predictable than I found MWF IMO of course.
First time straight razor shave today.
I just received my first straight razor. And had to try it ofcourse.
I am satisfied for a first time. I tried 2 passes wtg and xtg. My moustache and cheeks are perfectly BBS. Neck also ok. Jawlines and chin were difficult, resulting in 2 small cuts, solved with some alumn, and not smooth at all.
I applied alumn afterwards and only mild sting. Aftershave no problem at all.
Next time i'll prepare my soap a little wetter, it dried in to fast.

Gold dollar 208 (honed by a fellow shaver)
Razorock monster brush
Stirling Varen soap
SV 70th A/S
proraso ASB
I used a Fromm (Sally's) with a Personna blade.
I'm used to shaving with a straight razor blade flat against my skin, but the ejector button on the Fromm kept scraping. Maybe remove it; it's not like it's necessary.
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