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What straight did you use today? Now with PICTURES

Awesome shave today.

Between the incredible skin conditioning, the baby butt smooth shave, and the clean scent...I’m rocking it today.

Love Southern Witchcrafts “Incorporeal” (Unscented) soap. It is soft to the touch, and I’d almost classify it as a croap. The lather, slickness, and post-shave feel are awesome.

Soap Commanders “Integrity” (Unscented) balm is the best. Just incredible when matched with a great post-shave lather.

Throw-in a non-alcohol splash with a clean scent (that is not competing with lather and balm scents) and, “Nirvana”!

Walking out of the shaving area with a definite swagger.

Straight: JR Torrey
DE: Carbon Shaving CX-316L (for the head)
Lather: Southern Witchcrafts “Incorporeal” (Unscented)
Balm: Soap Commander “Integrity” (Unscented)
Splash: Southern Witchcrafts “Druantia”
Brush: Wolf Whiskers (Shavemac Silvertip)