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What straight did you use today? Now with PICTURES


Joseph Smith "Universally Approved Concave Razor Set Ready for Use"
Truefitt & Hill 1805
Hazlet's Apothecary 1888

Lovely shave this morning.

Decided to do a little data collecting.
Prep, 7 minutes - hot shower and shampoo
Shave, 32 minutes - Included lather making, three full passes (no need for cleanups), rinse, and alum
Post-shave, 18 minutes - Included post-shave oil, moisturizer, aftershave, brushing teeth, taking medications, hair styling cleaning up.

So that's just under an hour for my morning routine. I know some want to spend as little time as possible, and I say more power to them. But I like my routine. It help's me get my head on straight for whatever follows.


I'd really come to truly love the current TI standard 5/8 full hollow model. A third and absolutely final specimen turned up about a week ago. Since it's Saturday I put last weeks Dovo Carré back into the cabinet and picked my new TI, wiped off the last of the grease TI had put on the blade, stropped it and went to town. It definitely was shave ready out of the box and the edge was really good too so I had a really nice three pass BBS shave.

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