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What straight did you use today? Now with PICTURES


First shave with NOS Dorko 7/8: after a good stropping on linen and shell cordovan, I tried the factory edge, which gave me a barely passable shave. I'll take a look at the bevel under a loupe, then either refresh on 8, 12, and 20k synthetics, or start over and set a new bevel, depending on what I see.

A very beautiful razor. I'm sorry that the edge wasn't more than passable. You can send it to me and I'll hone it for you and send it back ... the next decade or so:001_tongu
Today’s choice was a triple dose of Tabac with a Vie-Long HH and Koraat custom

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Beautiful razor in very good company.

Sunday shave: Wacker "Chevalier" 6/8 + Irisch Moos.

The Chevalier is a very beautiful razor.
4/8 JA Hellberg
Had a fantastic shave with this Swedish blade.It was one on my closest shaves of the year.I forgot how efficient and practical this blade is.View attachment 1019050
A nice specimen of a very fine razor.


So it was time for me to change razor again. After giving it careful consideration I chose a Heljestrand 5/8 full hollow. They all shave in the same great way, but this is the luxury version the M.K. No.31 in ivory scales. The CVH 5/8 razors are great as a first razor as well as the one and only razor. Come to think about it I only have superlatives to say about them.