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What razor/blade did you use today


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Gillette Flat Bottom Tech and a Chinese London Bridge Super Stainless (3).
Razor: RazoRock SS Hawk V3 Standard Plate - Bamboo Handle (59)
Blade: Schick Proline P-30 (3)
Pre-Shave: Hot shower; Cereve Hydrating Facial cleanser
Brush: RazoRock Plissoft Monster Synthetic Shaving Brush - 26mm
Lather: Van der Hagen Unscented Luxury
Aftershave: Cold water rinse; Aqua Velva Classic Blue Ice aftershave

No nicks; No irritation; Very Close; Very smooth; A pleasant BBS shave. Aftershave sting was mild.

This blade really smoothed out after the second shave.

RazoRock GC .68P
Shark Super Chrome (2)
Stirling Unscented with Beeswax soap
AoS silvertip brush
Cold water rinse

The Shark is still rough and tuggy with this razor. I'll likely switch things up for the next shave.

I did get better results, though, likely because I used Cremo shaving cream instead of body wash for my preshave soak in the shower. My beard was noticeably softer heading into the shave, and I have that nasty old-man stubble now!
Jifuli Aluminum / Bic Chrome Platinum (4)

My first shave with this razor was not great, the combination of base design with very poorly supported blade & lots of downward flex possible, + a very light weight that I am not used to, usually preferring hefty razors and stainless steel handles.

This morning, I was very carefully working on a one-day stubble, got full BBS with no irritation but had to really watch what I was doing.

This is a beautiful razor, if they redesigned the head with better blade support and perhaps dialed down aggression just a tiny bit, could be a winner.

Still, the 2nd shave was much better than the 1st one, so there's hope. Next time, will try it with a fresh Feather.

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