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What kind of beer do you like

Basically grew up on Amstel and Grolsch, i guess. Too many good beers to list them all here, but amongst others Trappist, Belgian ale and oh lets say a very long list of Dutch and Belgian beers. Ah and of course, because of the season, a nice white beer for a hot summer day. The Dutch beer that is probably most famous (Heineken) is one of my least favorite. Swedish bears are not really something to write home about, except for a few decent beers from smaller breweries.

Yeah, the big Swedish brands aren't all that great. The Danish are (in my opinion) a bit better but not much. There are some very nice Belgian beers I like, and living in the Netherlands is great in that way because you can get a hold of quite good beer really easily.

As for white beer... not something I've ever been a fan of. Each to their own I guess :)
Pils: my local brand, voted purest lager by a consumer watchdog in Belgium: Bavik pils, brewed in nearby Bavikhove. An excellent pilsner, very tasty, pure ingredients.

Blond: Duvel, La Chouffe, Grimbergen

Dark: Felix, Gordon Scotch, Guinness

Trappist: Westvleteren, Rochefort

White beers: I don't like the Belgian whites that much, I prefer the German real stuff Hefenweizen.

But all in all, I don't drink a lot of beer (mega-calories, especially when you drink a few)!
Duvel and La Chouffe are great beers. I love them.

For trappist, I'm not a fan of Rochefort, but I like Chimay Blue and Red, and Westmalle. Haven't tried Westvleteren yet.

Hoegaarden is quite popular these days (at least in Sweden) and it's a fine beer. I don't drink a lot of wheat beer (weißbier / witbier) though.

Some other beers I like: Starobrno (a Czech pils), Fuller's Extra Special Bitter, Adnams Broadside, Hook Norton Double Stout(!!!), Youngs Double Chocolate, Youngs Oatmeal Stout. And "Sotarn", a stout from Hantverksbryggeriet in Sweden (a very small and new brewery).
for my taste

start with John Smiths Magnet
or Ind Coope Burton (IPA)
maybe a bottle of Duval or Pendal Witches brew
and finish the session on Gold label
or Tennants super (at 9.2% three cans does it for me)
Wet beer that's usually cold works for me.

I do enjoy Victory Golden Monkey and Storm King too. They're some of my favorite microbrews.
Iron City.

Or ginger beer, since I saw root beer being mentioned. I prefer ginger beer, but Iron City is my favorite beer beer.
Tennant's Lager (most popular Scottish lager)
Kronenberg Blanc
Erdinger Whitebeer when I'm in the house
Hello Joe,

I drink mostly Shiner Bock down here in Texas.

When I am in Florida on business, I indulge myself with Kalik from the Bahamas (not available in Texas).

When I visit the Northwest, I seek out Obsidian dark ale from Bend, Oregon (not available in Texas).

And occasionally, I like a Speckled Hen ale from the UK.

There are more, but these are my toppers.

Plano TX

That just made my day! We'll have to work on gettin' that to Texas. :biggrin:

Red Stripe
Sam Adams
Wow! after reading most peoples choices I feel like such a redneck....so be it!!!...........Miller Lite all the way baby!
Ahh - now although a Noob here - I am an expert on this subject....I have spent 36 years researching.....

Last August I walked across England, and sampled Theakstons Old Peculier.

Now this is an ale, available in bottle form (which is ok) - and on my walk across England sampled it in many pubs . It was always good.

BUT, I arrived in a village called Reeth, and in the Black Bull (I think it was called) I drank the best beer that I have ever tasted in my life . To say that it was like a wine is not an exaggeration - that is how it tasted.

Theakstons Old Peculier - but drink it in Reeth at the Bull.
And Rompin Donkey is also the name of a pub just over the border from Staffordshire (Hassall Green in Cheshire)

Old Peculier is a bit sweet for me, in the mould of Marston's Owd Roger and Robinson's Old Tom but has its place in the hierarchy of renowned beers
:a8: I prefer whatever is available in a brewpub to anything bottled or canned that way it is always fresh. My preferences vary by the seasons but I tend to prefer stronger, maltier, darker in colder weather and vice versa.


I before E except after C or when sounded like A as in neighbor or weigh except in Budweiser.
I guess I'm a beer snob:)

I prefer Belgian and Belgian style beers along with Both English and American Barleywines. I'll go for an occasional porter/stout as well. Honestly the only really 'commercial' beer I enjoy is Guinness.

In the end though, drink what you like!
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