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What kind of beer do you like

Even though I'm in college, I'm far beyond the $10 for a 24 pack crap. It amazes me at the garbage that passes as beer that people drink at parties here.

Generally, I drink western American microbrews. My top 3 are probably Lost Coast Brewing's Great White, New Belgium's Fat Tire, and Sierra Nevada's Porter. I also enjoy various beers from Stone Brewing, Karl Strauss, Anchor Brewing and Rogue (when I can get them).

As for imports, it really depends. I enjoy some Belgian ales, though I don't have any specifics that I like. I also enjoy Guinness, although after having it while in England, even Guinness on tap in the US doesn't taste nearly as nice. I also like a few different German brews, but again, no specific ones come to mind.

I think my dad taught me well. Life is too short to drink bad beer. Experiment and find what you enjoy, even if it's pricey. A single good beer is a lot more enjoyable than four mediocre ones.
Lately I've been really liking Sam Adam's Black Lager, good stuff.

I also like Killean's Red, Newcastle, the occasional Murphy's Stout, I like a good hefe-weisen with lemon, Shiner's good, Dos Equis (this is Texas after all).

Lots of good brews out there.

Oh and mead is indeed the nectar of the gods. :drool:
Dutchess de Bourgogne
Stone Brewing Co. Smoked Porter
Stone Brewing Co. Russian Imperial Stout
Ayinger Celebrator
St. Bernardus Abt 12
Delirium Nocturnum
In an earlier post I said that most American and Canadian beer reminds me of something my cat produced with a bit of C02 added. However, I lived in Houston for 10 years and developed a taste for Pearl, much to the horror of my neighbours. I see there are a number of Texians commenting on their favourites, but I haven't seen Pearl mentioned; why is this? Having said this my three favourite beers are, in order: Guinness, Guinness and Guinness.
My go-to beer when in a bar if I can't decide is Bass. Can't go wrong.

For my fridge, usually one of the following:
Negra Modelo
Sam Adams + Sam Adams Light
Amstel Light
or whatever winks at me when I'm in the sto'
Hi all,

Found a neat little beer/hot dog spot.

You can buy six-packs, cases and mixed cases of all kinds of beers. They also have free beer tastings on Thursdays.

I made my first visit today and purchased the following: (1 of each).
I am not at all versed in the fine beers so I just picked out what looked interesting.

Hofbrau Hefe Weizen
Negra Modelo
Grolsch Blonde
Grolsch Amber Ale
Sierra Nevada Wheat
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
Paulander Hefe Weizen
Hacker Pschorr Weisse
Weyerbacher Merry Monks
Franziskaner Hefe Weisse
This is just great....I am now sitting at work, it is not even 9AM and I would like to have a beer. Thanks.

I am a fan of Smithwicks, Beamish (not available in TX :frown:), Shiner Blonde and Negra Modelo. And for that after-lawn-mowing-on-a-hot-day-sort-of-thirst...I tend to favor regular, old Modelo- my favorite economically priced beverage.
I like the heavier stouts, or the lighter wheat beers.

Mackeson Triple Stout (!!!)
Blue Moon
Paulaner hefe-weissen

After than Sam Adams is always welcome in my home.
Like most of you, there are many beers I love, and the one I select varies according to what I am eating.

If I had to pick my one "go to" everyday beer, it would be Sweetwater 420, brewed right here in Atlanta.
These days I am drinking a lot of beer from North Korea, which is sold at my local bar. It's called 대동강맥주. (Dae-Dong-Gang.) I believe the English translation would be "The Big East River Beer." It's tasty and not that expensive for Seoul prices. A 500 ml bottle will cost me about USD$5.

Hmmmm beer...

Basically grew up on Amstel and Grolsch, i guess. Too many good beers to list them all here, but amongst others Trappist, Belgian ale and oh lets say a very long list of Dutch and Belgian beers. Ah and of course, because of the season, a nice white beer for a hot summer day. The Dutch beer that is probably most famous (Heineken) is one of my least favorite. Swedish bears are not really something to write home about, except for a few decent beers from smaller breweries.
You're right we've got the best beers in the world :cool: :cool: :cool:

You are right there! I went to Belgium recently for a day to stock up on beer! :001_tt1: Hoegaarden, Leffe and Duvel you can quite easily get here in the UK, but I love Brugs, and have yet to see it anywhere here :sad:
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