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What is your favorite BURNER?

Alright guys, I have searched some other threads and I know some of you out there like to feel the burn!!! So which AS really lights your fire?

For me its Royall Lyme.


The Count of Merkur Cristo

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Clubman Citrus Musk!!! :thumbsup:

"Hard work is the aftershave [and cologne] of accomplishment". Author Unknown
Blue stratos for me but only because it reminds me of growing up. I haven't moved up to any non drug store scents yet... Looking forward to it though.
I hate the burn.
Biggest burner is Joop Homme Aftershave splash. It takes several coatings of neutral aftershave balm before I can apply it with safety.
More often though, I use the Joop Homme Aftershave splash as a splash cologne - it lasts for about 2 days.
Hands down. Pinaud VI Bay Rum. King of the burn. Great scent and price. "Embrace the burn"
I love the smell of Bay Rum, but not on my person. Sometimes I sprinkle it around the room so the aroma acts as an air freshener, but using it on my skin would be too much for me to bear.

I had a female boss a few years ago that wore Bay Rum ... it was quite intense. I think she kept a bottle in her desk and splashed it on several times a day. You could smell her from across the room, and the scent would linger long after she left the immediate area. Despite all this, I really liked working for her. She was extremely good at her job, driven to succeed and she knew how to motivate her staff to get results, something we rarely see in our company. And despite her being a workaholic, she was good people. I missed her when she retired.
Meehan's Bay Rhum or even Al's Bay Rum AS.

Whoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! Both are like napalm. Al helpfully warned me by saying "it's quite bracing".

Understatement of the decade!
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