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What happened to aqua Velva?

I haven't checked our Meijer store yet.

Makes me wonder if different locations within the same chain carry items based on demand.
Most than likely. One of the reasons places are in business is to make money. And if they have multiple locations and certain items aren’t selling well enough at a particular location then they will replace them with something else that they think will make them more money
I haven't checked our Meijer store yet.

Makes me wonder if different locations within the same chain carry items based on demand.
Absolutely. I had one of Walmart's biggest competitors as a client. Have also had a Fortune 500 apparel firm as a client. Retail stocking decisions are made centrally, but on store by store level.

Different stores in the same geographic area will carry different assortments. Shelf space/store size is a factor, but stock availability, sell-through, and profitability are the controlling factors. All these are evaluated at the barcode/SKU (stock keeping unit) level.
So, man-on-the-street update, from today's trip to Wally World, spotted the following aftershaves:

Aqua Velva (Ice Blue and Musk)
Old Spice Classic (AS and clogne)
Mennen Skin Bracer

Picked up another 7oz bottle of Ice Blue for under 5 bucks.
I get mine at Dollar General, Walmart, Kinney Drug( Vermont Drug store)
The size of the bottle has shrunk with inflation from 7 oz to 3.5 oz for the same price
I haven't checked our Meijer store yet.

Makes me wonder if different locations within the same chain carry items based on demand.
I've frequently seen that in grocery store chains. They tweak the inventory to match the neighborhood.
Same deal with pharmacies. Space is limited and they carry what sells in their branch. Talking about Walgreen's specifically, in two stores about 1.5 miles apart, a while back one had KCG DE razors and blades, and the other didn't.
My guess would be it's only the occasional weirdo from a shave forum that is looking for classic cheap aftershave.

Well some old weirdos also look for expensive classic AS!! :thumbup1::thumbup1::thumbup1:

And some of the old ’drug store’ options are great!!
Aqua Velva musk is almost impossible to find on the store Shelby me. That includes drug store chains and Walmart locations. Apparently there is not much of a demand for it other than me. Once the 2023 sabbatical is over, I’ll be stocking up on AV musk.
For some reason the U.S. Aqua Velva " turns " on me after an hour or so , but the AV I used in the 1969s didn't . I find the Euro version to be much better , and still comes in a heavy glass bottle .


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I've seen (and bought) Aqua Velva at (from) my local Target.
Our "local" target stores have a whole sections dedicated to men's care / shaving goods... I carry the bevel , cremo and several other of the brands a products at our local ones... The Walmarts and stuff carries stuff also plus the Gillette cool Wave aftershaves and multiple brands of witch hazel and what not including the aqua velva musk which I don't like personally. They also have the Adidas and the bruts and Stetsons and Old spice.. plus a bunch of other stuff and they carry the harrys products ... Yes I know stores do stock based on demographics also like more ethnic area stores will carry more ethnic products than non-ethnic areas...
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Update: Thanks for your advice everyone! Called 2 different Target stores, tried every extension but no one answered, might be their store policy. Then called the nearest Dollar General Store, went there, and got the only bottle of Aqua Velva they had (Ice Blue). Success!
Enjoy it while you can find it. My guess is it’s another old school drug store brand that will eventually disappear.
I see it all over the U.S., including most drugstores and many grocery stores. It's not quite as common as it used to be, but that's true of almost all shaving products. The only ones I regularly see now are Velva, Brut, Skin Bracer, and Clubman, probably in just about that order from most often seen to least. I don't think it's likely to disappear anytime soon, but I'd pick up some extra if I were you just to be on the safe side.


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Go break into any Marine base. If you survive the attempt, every PX there still carries it.

Aqua Velva isn’t going anywhere. If they’re not buying it to wear it, they’re buying it to drink it.
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