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What did you hone today?

I tried to hone a new gold dollar razor, but the spine was not straight enough to be able to even set a bevel. So, it was not “straight” nor could it be honed to “razor” sharp; therefore it does not qualify as a straight razor. Their quality is even lower than what I remember. I will never buy another one.
More synthetic hones arrived yesterday, so I put them to use today. Two Pride Abrasives double-sides add up to a 3/6/8/10k progression, in front of a Naniwa S2 12k finisher. Mostly 25 laps at each grit, but up to 50 if the feel was not where I wanted it.

Before I test their edges and put them back in the razor case, they will all go through the 50/100/200k balsa, linen, leather stropping sequence.

Top to bottom:
C.V.Heljestrand No.7 - first time honing this, or any other CVH razor. Or Swedish razor, for that matter. It got 50 very light laps on the 1200 diamond plate. I discovered that this blade was highly magnetized when I set it on the diamond plate. On the synthetic hones the swarf/water was pulled up the blade by the stronger magnetism of the thick spine. I never saw that before. This will get the first shave test.

J.R.Torrey - this one has had difficulty holding an edge, so I'm trying a full refresh.

Super Doll No. 1000 and Fromm red Head 50 - both had their first honing a few days back, with marginal shave test results. So the new synthetics got a shot at delivering the desired improvement.
honed up @tl_smurf Dubl Duck Satinedge that I offered to hone for him.


his is on the top. compared it to my Dwarf and they appear like the same family!!!!

tightened hinge pin. blade was in tons better shape than I expected. coated some areas with renaissance wax just help keep her good down the road. Balsa Diamond progression (.5u/.25u/.1u) finish on her. light stropping on the Tony Miller.

this is an heirloom piece that is in good condition. HHT with wife's hair no problems.

I'd shave with her no doubt.


George Wostenholm 6/8 faux frameback (anyway that’s what I’m calling it)
Got this a few weeks ago, have been letting it sit with oil to work on the corrosion. This morning I scrubbed off the worst of the black spots then honed it this evening. There was a relatively clean bevel over most of it, but the bevel completely disappeared near the heel on one side, right where a chip was located. With some work at 2k eventually got it cleaned up, then ran 5k, 8k, IRL, black ark, 0.5u, 0.25u, 0.1u pasted balsa. Will strop in the morning and take it for a spin!

I had thought that when I bought it that the grind was a full hollow, like a Joseph Elliot I already own. But really a bit different. There is a very small radius cut-in right under the spine and then the rest of the blade is a narrow true wedge. So ended up with a pretty wide bevel.
Pocket knives also require View attachment 1250022 love and attention. This Kai/Kershaw needed a tune up. King 250/1000 combination stone and pasted strop; 1.0 and 0.5 micron I believe. Solid working edge.
That's my favorite carry knife! Love how slim/light it is and easy for me to open. I lost it once and had to buy another one. Hope to god to keep track of this one.
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