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What are you unpacking/ opening today, show pics or video, we love pics

This package arrived today.
Rubberset 400 (4)
Old single ring, but it has no S/N. The handle does have the patent info around the base.
A 'Weekender Set" with a post war Tech. Not sure who made the kit, or if it even came with a Tech originally, but still a neat piece. Just need to figure out what the metal tube was for.
A Pre-War Fat Handle Tech that was at one point gold plated.

I did a littl
Isn't that the extension handle for the brush, Tim? :001_unsur
I did a little searching on the web, and the kit was made by Metalfield. The brush isn't the original brush. The original brush handle was also metal. The tube is actually for a little shave soap stick. I guess the cap could be used as an extended handle for the brush.
But they did come with Gillette Techs. They also came in leather case. to protect the brushes of the clothes brush.
It's a neat little kit.
I have ordered this exact brush. It's on its way. Can't wait!
You're going to love it! The Yaqi Sagrada Familia Tuxedo is already a great brush, but the fan-shaped knot version is a revelation. It's extremely soft and compliant (without being floppy), splays super easily, and just feels great on the face.

And the price can't be beat. They call it a "defect" handle, but as shown in the photos in my earlier post, the flaws are almost undetectable.

I have lots of brushes, but I get all giddy when this one comes up in the rotation! :biggrin1:
Got my new container of Furiah from west coast shaving, I’m hoping the scent develops more, it does not smell like leather nor woods nor anything else in the description. It actually smells like straight up talcum powder and barber shop scent. Also it smells very similar to the berma shave sample I got from PAA called hotel
Ceicel.........however all is not lost because it will pair nicely with my razor rock what the puck aftershave.

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