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What are you unpacking/ opening today, show pics or video, we love pics

Ever-Ready 1912 (Made in England)...from Italy.
I won this razor on EBay with an uncontested $1 bid. I paid and got a message from the vendor that they can’t ship to Canada because of CoVid19, and they would be happy to reimburse my shipping.
I replied that I work for Canada Post and we are accepting and delivering all mail from Italy. I had a confirmation and tracking numbers within an hour.
My Yaqi brush arrived today. Ordered from Aliexpress 7/13 and arrived here in Chicagoland 15 days later. Not bad at all and much better than the horror stories I had heard from others. First brush purchase since 2017 and the first "next generation" synthetic knot I'll have tried as all 3 of my other synthetic knots are first generation Plisson knots from 2013. Already loving the longer handle.

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