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What are you unpacking/ opening today, show pics or video, we love pics

Mountain Grown

So I decided to give Badass Beard a try with two samples. The Mountain Man is a very light smell.

now The Biker you can not mistake the Patchouli smell which is pretty dominating. Its not over powering at all. Neither is...unless you use a bunch of it. đź‘Ť View attachment 1132202
I start growing my beard out in October.. Found Bad *** Beard Care a few years ago when they were just getting started. My favorite beard balm/oil scents from them are there seasonal offerings starting October thru December.


Gem Junior.


I saw it on the 'bay and since I have a box o' Gem blades thought I might as well try it. I'll confess it's the handle that pushed me over the edge. Not sure how grippy it will actually be, but I like the feel of the size and shape of the handle and the self-standing aspect appeals.
Picked up a Gillette Slim (I 4 date code so a 1963 4th quarter I believe) off of ebay, it's in much better condition than I was expecting based on the pictures, everything seems to be in working order (although a slightly lazy door on one side when opening) and it came with 7 packs of blades that weren't in the listing!

20200730_112024.jpg 20200730_111955.jpg

How it appeared on ebay
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This just arrived two days early making it the perfect Birthday present to myself. And I got to snag it before the wife saw it. She'd roll her eyes and say "You have a problem." She wouldn't be wrong. This thing is in absolutely perfect condition. And now I can't wait to put it to use. But it looks as gorgeous as all the pictures of them that I have seen online and was unable to get one until now. The lighting wasn't great so one with a flash and one without.




Mailman was good to me today. I remember saying like 2-3 weeks ago I needed to stop buying for a bit - but I keep finding cool things.

The frequency has decreased and I’ve sold some stuff and am selling other stuff to help pay for SOME of it.

I didn’t NEED any of these but I’ve found I love old boxes and things that hang on the wall.

I already have a GEM 1912 so I didn’t need the Ever Ready 1912 - but this box is WAY cooler than the plain metal tin of the GEM.

I already have a Valet VC4 but this one hangs on the wall - and I happen to have an extra strop to go in it.

I already have around 10 Gillette dispensers but this one is a 20-pack that’s never been opened.

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I know a lot of people don’t love the almond/cherry scent of this Cella but wow, do I love it. Reminds me of these candy cane Christmas cookies I used to have growing up.
I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure the scent of Cella is pure almond. A lot of people say cherry. I don't remember the exact chemical reason. I think the almond scent is mostly benzaldehyde.
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