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What are you drinking tonight?

A sazarac cocktail is easily my favorite. I just wish more places knew how to make them. Perhaps I should just purchase the ingredients myself....
After having one at The Roosevelt in New Orleans, it became a Friday ritual to mix one up. It takes a few minutes to make it proper, but that first sip...! There is a place in Naples, FL, The Bay House, that does a bit of New Orleans food and drink, and they make a great Sazerac. Don’t know of another local spot I’d trust.

The Knize

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Based on what they call a Matador at Amada in Philly. Rye muddled with candied, but not crystalized, ginger. (I actually just let the ginger soak in rye for months.) Lemon juice. Elderflower syrup. (Elderflower liqueur like St. Germain works, too, but is not as intense as a good syrup. Monin is a terrible syrup!)
EW 1783 Oscar foxtrots with the usual bit of turbinado sugar, Angostura bitters, and Luxardo cherry plus a dash of Fee Brothers black walnut bitters.
We went to Asia's Best Bar last night: Jigger and Pony - https://www.jiggerandpony.com - we used to go quite often but then they moved location. Initially they were (too) close to my office but now it requires a taxi so we fell out of the habit of going. Then we decided to try it last week, just rocked up, it was fully booked. Yesterday afternoon thought I might see if I could book it and scored. We had a variety of classics, Vesper, French 75, Negroni and a Corpse Reviver no2 which were all pretty ok, although I preferred Atlas Bar's Vesper and Negroni. Then I asked the mixologist to surprise me, but along the lines of a whisky sour. He came up with a Blood and Sand, made with Talisker, orange juice, sweet Vermouth, Cherry Heering and a squirt of lemon juice. I was a bit nervous with the cherry liqueur as I am not keen on cherries but this was a great drink.

I then felt like a cleansing G&T and noticed that he had a bottle of Ki No Bi from Kyoto however, he disagreed (politely) with my choice and proposed Nikka Coffey instead if I wanted a Japanese gin. He was right. So I had two.
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