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What are you drinking tonight?

Teusner The Riebke Shiraz 2010: nice Barossa red.

Earlier tonight I started with a Smirnoff & 7 Up.
Morris Liqueur Tokay. Part of my project to reduce the number of open bottles in the liquor cabinet and also extremely tasty.
Ha! I'm on a Taminick (Booths) muscat right now watching the EPL.

also munching some Lindt 70% dark choc.
Ha! I'm on a Taminick (Booths) muscat right now watching the EPL.

also munching some Lindt 70% dark choc.
Swapped it out for some Mount Gay Extra Old Barbados rum. Rich and firey. I should follow The GF to bed rather than sitting up all night drinking rum, futzing about on t'Interwebs and annoying The Cat...


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It is still summer here and my favourite spirits are very much cooler weather drinking. Tonight is a Schneider Weisse Tap 7 with my pasta salad.


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J&B scotch and Chinotto. Am I the first to invent this drink? I hope so, so I can give it a ridiculous name.

Quite nice, though.
Just tried a bottle of the fairly new Stella Artois Pear cidre (they insist it's Cidre and not cider on their advert).

I knew it would be a mistake! Foul, sweet, chemical flavoured faux perry!

I'll stick to proper perry in the future. Don;t know why I bought the bottle as I get gallons of real perry from a friend of mine who makes his own by the forty gallon drum!

Thanks for sharing that recipe, SWMBO was most impressed
It's nice enough to help out the guys here on B&B, but when even SWMBO is impressed I feel like I've really accomplished something!

Have you tried the recipe yet? Raspberry season is almost over.



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A splash of Stirrings Blood Orange Bitters and a generous measure of Templeton Rye over lots of ice. Have yet to come up with a name, but dang is this drink delicious!
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