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What are you drinking tonight?

Confirms this is my favorite in the Point Ybel Tiki Sour Series. Less hazy and little zest as Nui Nui is big on allspice and cinnamon and clove, but light on citrus. Very nice after throwing mulch 3 hrs this morning.

The Knize

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South Sea Swizzle--Arrack Batavia (1.5 oz), white rum (.5 oz), green tea syrup (.5 oz), lime juice (.5 oz), orange bitters, slight dusting of nutmeg, mint sprig. That is a standard recipe. Then I saw a recipe for one made with rum that called for pineapple and orange juice, so I added pineapple. Not your beginner's drink. The Arrack Batavia is growing on me. Bring on the funk.
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Difford’s version of Final Ward.

I like Dickel. It mixes well. I don’t sip it. I prefer Sazerac, but the store that used to stock it for $28 has dried up. I use rye in Manhattans, Final Wards, and Sazeracs, and Dickel works well in these. Bulleit works, too.
Bulleit Rye, neat. This is the first rye whiskey I have tried and I like it. I just got a bottle of Templeton to try next.
If you like Bulleit Rye, you'll like Templeton. Both are from MGP and use their 95% rye mashbill. My suggestion: get whichever one is less costly. Templeton Rye settles lawsuit
I want to try Rittenhouse Rye. It is not sourced and distilled by Heaven Hill.
I'm pretty sure Rittenhouse IS a HH product. HH Brands
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