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What are you drinking tonight?

The Knize

Moderator Emeritus
Use of honey syrup instead of straight honey in the Gold Rush and the Bee's Knees (gin and lemon)--excellent drinks, by the way--might ease the mix in of the honey. I had not seen the use of bitters with gin and lemon before either, but it seems reasonable. I have started dashing in some orange bitters in every drink I make that has citrus.

I think the use of Limoncello with fresh lemon juice is brilliant. Limoncello is really nothing more that extract from lemon zest and alcohol. Lemon zest has great flavor components that are different from lemon juice, and it is certainly common technique to twist strip of lemon zest over a drink. I have also seen Margarita recipes that call for zesting lemons and limes into the mix, letting things sit overnight, and then straining out the zest, which seems like a lot of work. Using limoncello and fresh lemon juice seems to me to get the full lemon flavors in an easy way! Brilliant.
Use of honey syrup instead of straight honey in the Gold Rush and the Bee's Knees (gin and lemon)--excellent drinks, by the way--might ease the mix in of the honey.
It took about a minute in a saucepan over low heat to mix equal parts of honey and water. I then put the honey syrup in a 2oz jigger in the freezer to cool it just as quickly. Wildflower honey is dark and flavorful! I might go with Orange Blossom honey next time.
I am loving this stuff! I have a bottle that’s almost empty with one more in reserve. The Old Ezra 7 Barrel Strength has become one of my favorites, along with Henry McKenna 10yr BiB. I wish the pricing on both was a little more “accessible“.
Yes, I agree. I wish NC received more allocation of Old Ezra 7 barrel strength. I can find McKenna regularly, but I’ve not seen the OE 7 in probably a year

The Knize

Moderator Emeritus
Rum and Coke--3 Star Plantation Rum (very nice and inexpensive white: a blend of Jamaican, Barbados, and Trinidadian rums, although apparently predominately Trinidad; relatively low proof at 82%; I have seen reviews that say this rum is all burn and no flavor, but I do not get that, I would prefer a higher proof and it seems like a very flavorful cocktail rum to me), kosher for Passover Coke (sweetened with sugar not HFCS; not quite Mexican Coke but quite good; darn your Coca Cola for your crappy regular version, this one shows you can do way better, but simply choose not to), lime, charred cinnamon stick, Angostura and orange bitters). An excellent cocktail.
Five ounces of sugar into a 1.75 liter bottle.
Add one half liter of Everclear, actually a little more than that.
Add one half ounce of vanilla extract.

A quarter teaspoon of cocoa butter in a half teaspoon of coconut oil
microwaved in a shot glass for one minute.
Swirl the hot glass until the cocoa butter disolves
and then pour that into the 1.75 liter bottle.

Add one liter of water.

Only drink this in a glass filled with ice.
This tastes pretty good freezing cold.
At room temperature, it doesn't taste like much of anything.

And that's what I'm drinking tonight.
They call it Pete's Chocolate Babka.