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What are you drinking tonight?

You made it correctly, it seems! You might try another vermouth and/or whiskey. I like Carpano Antica and Dolin Sweet Vermouth. The Manhattan might not be for you, but you can check it off the list!

Watching hurricane coverage tonight with a Flower City/Noilly Prat/lemon zest Martini. Feel for the folks in S Texas and NE Mexico. No fun.
👆👆👆 This.

IMHO, give it a shot with with Bulleit Rye, Carpano Antica, bitters and Luxardo cherries. I might also recommend skipping the 45 seconds of stirring with ice and pour it over a large ice cube instead. The manhattan does not need to be ice cold, like FL Shaver’s martini would be 😉.

Either way, happy sipping and stay safe:a54:
Last night: Four Roses Small Batch, neat. I'm enjoying this one. It's a little sweeter than the Single Barrel (which I also enjoy!). My first taste was after I'd been enjoying Woodford Double Oaked. The 4RSmB almost had an oily feel compared to the WFDO. But after having 4RSmB for a few tastes, I don't notice the oily feel at all.
NOTE: These different tastes are over multiple days. If I'd had that much in one evening, I'd be doing very poorly this morning....
Weller SR OF with a big square cube (sugar cube, splash of water, 2 dashes Angostura bitters, 2 oz bourbon, Luxardo cherry and orange peel garnish. She likes orange and walnut bitters in her OF).
Maybe my Vermouth is bad. It was a new bottle, it may have been compromised some how at the store. I may buy another bottle and give it a try again this weekend. It isn't very expensive.
I've tried a number of ryes and they can be remarkably different from one another in taste. If you like the rye neat, you ought like it in a Manhattan. You might reduce the Vermouth to 3/4 or even 1/2 ounce, many do as they find it overpowering. Also, try it with orange bitters. I prefer mine that way. ps. There's no law against having it "on the rocks!"
Last Night (sorry, I tend to not get on forums much in the evenings): Homebrew brown ale to go with the steaks I grilled. Very tasty. Won 3rd place at the state brewery competition. And I didn't brew it...father-in-law did.
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Settling in for Taça de Portugal between Benfica and FC Porto. Figured I mix up a Porto Tonico with a fresh mint sprig and lemon wedge. It is hot in SW FL with Isaias in the neighborhood.