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FS Weber dlc head, tech, old type

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2 razors and a weber dlc head that mates up real well to the tech handle. The old type hanlde was cracked. I filled it with high quality G-flex epoxy = fix plus more weight. Price may be high but the weber heads are hard to come by. All razors will need a cleaning. Will ship with some feathers blades. $75 shipped in US.


Just to add some info. The threads on the Weber head are strange. No damage and left the factory this way. The threads seem to be tappered and fit some handles better then others. I sold my original weber handle years ago and paired it up with the tech handle.
I did not notice any blade issue. There might be a little slop on the pins. I always checked blade exposure on all my DEs and adjust while tightening handle.
Not open for further replies.