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Watch Ya Wearing

The display is showing P.M. and it is MST.
It is a Seiko 7S268 Military Automatic.
Life's little ironies!
I was thinking take a quick pic of what I was wearing then post it. 10 minutes tops. But it ended up taking 45 minutes.
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I am wearing my stainless steel Rolex DateJust with Jubilee bracelet. I bought it new in 1982.

I had one of those and I loved it dearly. Had to sell it when I got laid off a couple years ago. Daily wear now is a Seiko. Good watch, but the felling is really not the same:frown:
I have had this one for almost 10 years, It needs a new battery, and a good cleaning.

Currently my daily watch is a nike digital :barf:
But it was cheap, and it tells time.
You know what I do to check the time? I look at my cell phone since I always have it on me. I also own a Fossil watch I never wear. Although, I wouldn't mind getting a cheap watch for when I run. That might be fun.
Wearing my after-work/weekend watch. This is really my favorite in my very modest collection.

Omega Planet Ocean 45.5mm:

I seem to be allergic to... something in the steel. I can't wear a wristwatch or my skin just "rot", in becomes pink like a healing burn and stinks like hell.

So since I can't afford an all-titanium watch I carry a pocket watch. A swiss army one:

I just don't get why they use luminous hands on that one since it's hidden from light :S


Sorry for this, but I just have to ask before someone else does.

Does that model of Swiss Army watch come with the toothpick and tweezers?
Nope, just an ETA-6498 mechanic movement...the same movement Panerai puts in their Luminor Marina. Panerai does some finishing and tooling to the movement.


Swiss Army: